where is the local produce??

<rant>How is it that there is no Ontario spinach available at our local vegetable store?! And pears… shouldn’t I be pretty much guaranteed of getting local pears right now?

This SHOULD be the perfect time to for us to have spinach salad with oven-dried pear slices, thinly sliced red onion, blue cheese and a simple vinaigrette….

We went to three different vegetable/fruit sellers on our high street and only saw pears from the USA (not that there’s anything wrong with USA pears – if one lives close to where they are growing) that had clearly been picked rock hard green. The spinach was all from the USA. It looks fine but surely it would be better if it hadn’t been shipped so far!

The only shop that had half-way decent pears was the fourth expensive shop. And still the pears weren’t absolutely stellar – they were good, but not stellar.</rant>

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  1. ejm Post author

    Yes, you MUST oven dry pears! Substandard pears are improved dramatically by the procedure and end up actually tasting like pears. Good pears are phenomenal….

    Wash pears and slice thinly lengthwise (I use our mandolin). Don’t worry about coring the pears. Put the pear slices into a lemon juice and water bath to stop them from oxidizing. Then lay the slices on a rack on top of a cookie tray. Bake at the lowest temperature your oven will go to for 3- 4 hours (more?? less??) until dry.

    The only difficulty with doing this is that the pear slices are so good that they might all get eaten before there is a chance to put them on the salad.

    Dried pears are also brilliant as a garnish for dessert.

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