Auberge Walnut Bread – BBBabes, buddies, friends, etc… (March 2016)

auberge of the flowering hearthsummary: Spring snow; March 2016 Bread Baking Buddies; FB’s Artisan Bread Baking group; BBB Auberge Walnut Bread gallery; about the BBBabes (click on image(s) to see the BBBuddies’ and Friends’ posts)

Last August (the last time I hosted the BBB’s kitchen), I was actually away, visiting family. While we were at my father-in-law’s house, I found a wonderful old cookbook….

Auberge Walnut Bread (BBBuddies)Bread Baking Buddies (BBB): Auberge Walnut Bread

This March, the BBBabes made Auberge Walnut Bread, based on recipes in “Auberge of the Flowering Hearth” by Roy Andries de Groot and “The Italian Baker” by Carol Field. (Here is the recipe we used.)

spring snow Spring is in the air (or at least it was until a couple of days ago) and March is the month for winter breaks. Just three BBBuddies officially joined us this time around. But several more people saw a link to Karen K’s take on the recipe in the Facebook group, Artisan Bread Bakers (please note that you must be logged into FB to view this group).

As always, the BBBuddies come from all over the world; isn’t the internet wonderful?

Here are the three official March 2016 BBBuddies and two unofficial ones that I saw when going into FB to see Louise’s bread:

USA: Louise, FB group Bread Baking Babes and Friends
auberge walnut bread Louise’s ring with the nuts on top looks beautiful, doesn’t it? She wrote, “[S]lathered with butter, or not, it’s quite tasty. I did reduce the nuts, but otherwise followed the recipe. I left it overnight in the frig, let it come to room temp, and then set it in a warm place to rise. […] a hit with the men in my life.”

» Louise P, Bread Baking Babes and Friends

USA: Sally, Bewitching Kitchen
Sally's Auberge Pecan Walnut Bread Sally’s bread is beautiful, with tremendous loft. Following Karen K’s take on the recipe, Sally used all white flour. She also combined pecans and walnuts. She wrote, “Every once in a while I see a recipe and get “the itch.” It will not leave my mind until I make it. […] I have no idea why some recipes do this to me, but the most recent example was the Auberge Walnut Bread blogged by Karen, as part of the Bread Baking Babes group. […] I made it right away. You should too. You won’t need to knead it by hand, you won’t need to fold it, baby it, watch it, nothing. It is one of the easiest bread recipes to tackle, and the result will blow your mind: a soft, moist, flavorful crumb, with a darker color than you would expect […] Smells amazing as it bakes, tastes amazing with anything you’d like to pair it with. But I advise a little blue cheese.” Oooh! Good idea!

» Sally, Auberge Pecan Walnut Bread

USA: Shirley, Flourish.en Test Kitchen
Shirley's Auberge Walnut Bread Shirley was pleasantly surprised by this bread. And doesn’t it look wonderful? I particularly like the one with the walnuts on top. I also really like that she altered the recipe to her taste to add the extra spices. She wrote, “I did not think I’d like this bread as much as I do. But who doesn’t like surprises, especially the good kind? […] Most unexpected: the ginger and honey. […] Most unforgettable was the intoxicating scent of warm spices wafting in the kitchen and throughout the house when the loaves were in the oven.” Intoxicating indeed!

» Shirley, Auberge Walnut Bread

Argentina: Robert B, Bread Baking Babes and Friends
Robert's Auberge Walnut Bread Robert had some difficulty finding all the ingredients but still managed to make the bread, omitting the powdered ginger but adding ground walnuts, flax and sesame seeds. He wrote that he “was making it for the flavour of the walnuts. And it is delicious. Slathered with butter. […] This is something to make over and over again.” I’ll say!

» Robert B, Bread Baking Babes and Friends

Portugal: Luisa S, Bread Baking Babes and Friends
Luisa's Auberge Nut Bread Luisa added dried cranberries to her Auberge Nut Bread. She wrote, “Thank you for the delicious recipe.” Thank YOU, Luisa, for making it!

» Luisa S, Bread Baking Babes and Friends


BBBuddies, you really are the BBBest!!
Thank you, Bread Baking Buddies: March 2016
If I missed posting about anyone’s BBB Auberge Walnut Bread, please do let me know.

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And of course, if you haven’t made Auberge Walnut Bread yet, just because the deadline is past, I hope that won’t stop you from making it. Several times. And while you’re making it, don’t forget to get some really good cheese….

While I was in FB, I saw that there were several loaves made by people in the Artisan Bread Baking group. Here they are (in alphabetical order by country):

India: Harini S
Harini's Auberge Walnut bread Harini wrote, “Another Auberge Walnut bread! Smells wonderful and tastes even better. 50% whole wheat with milk powder and melted butter. Delicious. […]

» Harini S, Artisan Bread Baking

UK: Susan SFC
Susan's Auberge Walnut bread Almost immediately after seeing Karen K’s version of the Auberge walnut bread, she wrote, “This is me jumping on the bandwagon re Karen K’s recent posting of ‘pain-aux-noix-auberge-walnut-bread’…the only difference being, I made a sourdough version. […] [T]his one’s definitely a keeper.” If I didn’t have a deep-seated fear of recapturing yeast and having a wild pet again, I’d try the sourdough version too….

» Susan, Artisan Bread Baking

USA: Gerrie L
Gerrie's Auberge nut bread Gerrie was among the first FB people to make Auberge Walnut Bread. Her first time, she used commercial yeast, and wrote “I will make [Pain aux Noix] again and again. It’s absolutely divine. […] Instead of a straight dough, I made a 250 gm 4 hour poolish, and used 4 gm yeast instead of 7gm. I also substituted 100gm water with whole milk, and used walnut oil instead of olive oil. She posted again to report that she had made the bread using sourdough. She wrote, “I rigged [the sourdough version], and used 160gm levain, keeping all other proportions intact, and used walnut oil, instead of olive oil.” I do wish I too had thought of adding walnut oil….

» Gerrie L, Artisan Bread Baking (commercial yeast version); Artisan Bread Baking (sourdough version)

USA: Jade M
Jade's Auberge Walnut bread Jade was one of the first people in the Artisan Bread Bakers’ group to make Pain aux Noix – Auberge Walnut Bread. She didn’t say very much but her photo is worth a thousand words.

» Jade M, Artisan Bread Baking

USA: Kimmi C
Kimmi's Auberge Walnut Bread Kimmi proofed her shaped bread in a loaf tin. She wrote, “Now that the loaf has cooled completely, and we’ve left it alone, I sliced the remainder of this amazing bread! So delicious with meaty walnuts, and so tasty with whole wheat bread flour, and walnut oil.” Oooh!! Walnut oil. I want to try this bread with walnut oil too!

» Kimmi C, Artisan Bread Baking

USA: Michael S
Michael's Auberge Walnut Bread Michael can’t seem to stop making this bread! He wrote, “This is the third time I have made […] Auberge Walnut Bread. The first time I followed the recipe as written, the wife and I “LOVED IT”. The second time, I did use a SD Starter (150 grams) instead of the dry yeast, subtracting the flour and water amounts called out for the added 100% SD, again, we ‘LOVED IT”. This time I only added dry cranberries.” What a great idea to add dried cranberries!

» Michael S, Artisan Bread Baking

USA??: W Tseng
Tseng's Auberge Walnut bread Tseng made her bread with sourdough as well. She wrote, “Easter Weekend baking-Pain aux noix (hickory nuts bread) adopted the recipe from Karen K. […] This is a very tasty bread, definitely a keeper, will bake it again and again.” Hmmm, I wonder if there is very much difference between the sourdough version and the commercial yeast version. (No no no. I’m NOT going to have another pet!)

» Tseng, Artisan Bread Baking


Thank you; thank you; thank you to all who baked Auberge Walnut Bread. I’m thrilled that so many people like it and I bet that de Groot AND the ladies who ran the Auberge of the Flowering Hearth would be equally pleased.

In her roundup of the BBBabes’ Auberge Walnut Bread, Katie chastised us for neglecting to serve the bread with cheese.

Taking her reprimand to heart, we froze a half loaf of our walnut bread and broke it out a couple of nights ago to serve after dinner with red wine and our favourite creamy cheese, a wonderful washed-rind Quebec cheese called Champfleury. The cheese is nice and stinky and Katie was right to scold us! Cheese is brilliant with Auberge Walnut Bread!

Auberge Walnut Bread and Champfleury

Bread Baking Babes’ March 2016 Bread

Here are the BBBabes’ loaves of Auberge Walnut Bread:

Bread Baking Babes

BBB March 2016

As Katie has so fittingly said in the past:

As always, we have some very busy Babes at the moment….. But just so you know: We’re all still BABES! (You can tell by the panties….)

BBB Auberge Walnut Bread
Clockwise from top left: Cathy, Karen K, Karen, Kelly, Elizabeth, Judy, Lien, Tanna


This is the sight we saw on Sunday night, not long after coming home from a bike ride….
April Snow

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