Mint pesto

I love this early part of the gardening season when everything is bursting forth and the garden looks healthy and happy. (For a while there, I was beginning to think that it wasn’t ever going to get warm again.) However, we finally have enough mint in the garden to make mint pesto for last night’s dinner. There wasn’t quite enough lemon verbena yet so I augmented with a few lemonbalm leaves. At the last minute, we decided to use toasted whole pine nuts instead of pecans. And we added a whole lot more sugar and salt than I say in the recipe – in fact I thought it might have been too much. But when it was tossed into the spaghettini, it was JUST right. We grilled chicken tenders dry spice rub#2) and quartered onions in the barbecue wok. We had steamed sugar snap peas and the plates were garnished with mint sprigs, lemon zest and deep purple violas. Beautiful! Tasted fantastic too! (Hmmmm, maybe we should always use pinenuts instead of pecans) Wine: a really decent Farnese Sangiovese Daunia for a reasonable Cdn$7 for 750ml. Life is good.