mmm… more pie please

summary: meat pie for dinner; isn’t fall wonderful? (click on image to see larger view and more photos)

meat pie Last week, when the nights started getting chilly and the sun was setting earlier and earlier, we suddenly had the urge for steak and kidney pie.

But instead of steak we used left-over smoked and barbecued pork loin and instead of kidneys, we used mushrooms – dried and fresh. Corn was still in season (just) so we had to add corn as well. At the last minute, we threw in some peas too.

Oh my, but this was one of the best steak and kidney pies I’ve ever had!

But goodness how sad. It’s all gone now.

All is not lost though. T is in the process of smoking some pork loin again and then finishing it in a beer sauce.

Remind me to rave about it! (It’s a variation of SAVEUR magazine recipe for slow smoked beef brisket from Issue #121.) meat pie

This steak and kidney pie reminds me of one of the first replacements I did. Years ago, when I was first learning to cook for myself, I saw a recipe for stir-fried chicken and almonds. (It was on the package (!!!) of almonds I had purchased. Who buys packages of almonds???)

But I didn’t have any chicken. And I didn’t have any almonds – just the package. So I used frozen fish fillets and sesame seeds. :-)

Did you know that sesame seeds pop?

Of course you knew that.

I didn’t. My stir-fried chicken and almonds fish and sesame seeds was a very exciting dish to make! (Amazingly, it actually turned out pretty well too.)


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5 responses to “mmm… more pie please

  1. maybelles mom

    we did a savory blt pie and it was delicious. now I want this pie too. BTW I made that spicy peach lassi and I was the only person in the family who liked it. it was a real acquired taste.

  2. katie

    Now, this sounds wonderful! I will have to admit, but the only thing I don’t like about Steak and Kidney Pie is the kidneys…. There’s nothing I don’t like (double negative? – sorry) about this pie…..
    As to substitutions – I’ve never lived closer than 30 minutes to a grocery store. I understand substitutions!

    I know what you mean, Katie. I’ve never been wild about the kidneys in steak and kidney pie either. It’s their texture. I love the flavour they lend though. -Elizabeth (Why stop at double negative? Why not go for a triple lutz? “There’s nothing I don’t not dislike about this pie.” :-)

  3. pierre

    Hello Toronto ! this is Pierre from France !

    I sais I used to eat pies when i was in the UK and they are good souvenirs to me !

    If you like French creative cuisine from an amateur come and visit my blog you are most welcome and you can even leave a message I’ll reply to you !!! cheers and à bientôt Pierre

    We’re still hoping to make a pâté en croûte – which is a sort of a meat pie. ;-) Have you ever made one of those? (I tried to see your blog but got a “service overloaded” message) -Elizabeth


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