mmmm… blue cheese dressing

summary: steamed artichokes are great with blue cheese dressing (Hellmann’s mayonnaise mixed with blue cheese); I am the run-on sentence queen; barbecue season is upon us; what has happened to Yukon Gold potatoes? (click on images to see more photos and larger views)

Eat your hearts out.

artichokes Tonight we are barbecuing chicken with the most amazing barbecue sauce that T made today (remind me to ask him exactly what he did). And while the chicken is barbecuing, we will grill some yellow peppers and bake two round loaves of sandwich bread so there will be bread for GREAT chicken sandwiches tomorrow.

We’re also planning on having oven-roasted potatoes and steamed artichokes with blue cheese dressing. Of course we made too much blue cheese dressing – yes, we have used store-bought mayonnaise to make the dressing.

blue cheese dressing For us, it HAS to be Hellmann’s and no, Hellmann’s has not paid me to say that – so that as we feast on barbecued chicken, we can dip carrot, zucchini and yellow pepper sticks into the dressing. (Do I get a prize for that run-on sentence? :whee:)

It will be like Pub Night on an outdoor patio!

I love summer!

We have recently stopped buying Yukon Gold potatoes. They’re just not any good any more. They seem to have lost their flavour, not to mention that they’re invariably mealy. WHAT did the Yukon Gold potato farmers do to that potato?

I hate it when growers “fix” things.

Luckily, the PEI baking potatoes are really terrific. I just hope the potato farmers don’t decide to “fix” them too. :lalala:


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2 responses to “mmmm… blue cheese dressing

  1. Riyaad Ali

    Yukon gold potatoes are an engineered breed of potato, developed by scientists at the University of Guelph in the 80’s. All potatoes labeled ‘Yukon Gold’ should be part of this genetic family, but sometimes there’s crossbreeding involved, meaning the potato loses it’s distinctiveness.

    I’ve also noticed the Yukon Golds available in Toronto being very ‘mealy’ recently, like you said. Don’t know why they’re like that, but I’ve been avoiding them more and more.

    I did not know that!! I just googled to learn that they were developed in 1980. AND that there are several other varieties of yellow flesh potatoes. I wonder if the mealiness is due to a storage problem, Riyaad. Perhaps the potatoes are being stored in too warm and humid storehouse. It’s a shame. Yukon Golds used to be so delicious. We have now abandoned them entirely. -Elizabeth

  2. T

    It’s true Yukon Gold aren’t what they used to be. And we pay a premium for them here in Toronto. These days I’m finding that the simple P.E.I Table Potato is a much better potato. They are wonderful. Good for just about everything. And cheaper too. In fact it’s put my trust back into potatoes. I’m oven roasting some now – wonderful.


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