Mmmmm… bacon!

summary: bacon is easy to make at home

Ever since our favourite Polish deli closed at the beginning of August, we have been in the doldrums. No more fabulously smoked ham and bacon just a short bike ride away.

And now, for a couple of weeks, T hasn’t been bringing home the bacon.

bacon Sounds ominous, doesn’t it? But before you think it’s because of the economy and market crashes and that we are going to be destitute, let me reassure you. The reason he isn’t bringing home the bacon is because he’s making it himself.

I remember when Brilynn (Jumbo Empanadas) reported that she had made bacon. And she claimed that it was simple. But she didn’t spell it out (except to mention the book she had used: Charcuterie by Michael Rhulman). I kept meaning to get hold of the book to see and then, as is my wont, forgot about the pressing need to make our own bacon. I blame my forgetfulness on the wonderful Polish butcher who supplied us with such wonderful ham and bacon all these years.

When they abandoned us, we went searching through the remaining Polish delis on our high street, trying to find a reasonable replacement. Being disappointed time after time, even though we did manage to find ham as good as we had been getting (we think it is made by the man who abandoned us – the only difference we notice is that it is more expensive).

So the article “Urban Harvest” by Eugenia Bone in the recent SAVEUR magazine #113 came in the nick of time. Ms. Bone outlined how incredibly easy it is to make bacon at home. All it takes is some pork belly, salt, sugar and spices, 7 days and a barbecue (or oven if you don’t care if it’s smoked).

Ha!! Who needs a new deli?

As soon as we get the other photos out of the camera, I’ll post exactly what T did to make the most wonderful bacon and the most fabulous lardons with the trimmings from squaring off the meat for easier slicing.

bacon Mmmmm!!! Bacon!!!

Too bad there’s no way of capturing the aroma of this cooking. It’s incredible. (So sorry, we were too busy salivating and/or stuffing our faces to remember to take a photo of the bacon once it was cooked.)

We’re thinking that if the weather holds so we can use the barbecue in December, we’ll make our own Christmas ham.

You wouldn’t believe the BLT’s we had the other day! We used the sorriest looking tomatoes from our garden and still the sandwiches were stellar. (Remind me NOT to plant tomatoes again. It’s too heart breaking.)

We stopped using lardons in our Coq au Vin recipe but we’re thinking that we may neeeeeed to reintroduce them now….

edit: Here is the recipe for making bacon

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2 responses to “Mmmmm… bacon!

  1. Jude

    “The reason he isn’t bringing home the bacon is because he’s making it himself.”
    Love the intro :)

    Might try that oven method you mentioned. Should be fun making this!

  2. ejm Post author

    Let us know how it turns out using the oven method, Jude. Although, I’m sure it will be good. But will you miss the smoky flavour? -Elizabeth


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