mmmmm… coronation grape pie

summary: the joys of September include coronation grape pie; (click on image to see larger view and more photos)

Each week, Sheryl Kirby (Taste TO) puts together a blog-a-log post: “a weekly look at what’s on the minds of Toronto food bloggers“. Over the weeks, she has kindly included many of the posts here. But whether or not there is a link to this blog, I make it a point to look at blog-a-log each week. I love this reminder to look at fellow Toronto bloggers’ posts.

In this week’s blog-a-log, among the linked posts was one from Miss Yu (Tops in Toronto), raving about coronation grapes.

Sovereign Coronation Seedless Grapes […] Their primary use is for juice (think: Welch’s grape juice), and jam/jelly preserves, but they are really delicious just on their own. -Miss Yu, Tops in Toronto, “Blue Gems”

grape basket I can’t imagine using coronation grapes to make juice! Or even jam. Even though the grapes probably make fabulous juice and jam. We always use coronation grapes for pie.

I think it’s my favourite kind of pie. We bought a basket of coronation grapes on Friday and made grape pie for the weekend – it was absolutely delicious dolloped with spoonfuls of homemade “sweet cream” ice cream and homemade yoghurt!

Photos? You want photos of the pie? Don’t make me laugh. The camera was upstairs and we were much too busy with our forks and spoons to be taking pictures!

(You can look at an earlier version of grape pie though.)

grape basket Hmmm, should we buy another basket of coronation grapes? And if we do, should we try making juice and/or jam? Or should we just make more pie? (hahahahahahaha What a question?!! :-))

I can’t get over the stunningly beautiful golden light this weekend! We went for a bike ride yesterday afternoon, marvelling at the sudden coolness in the air – almost crisp. We wandered north through tree-lined streets, the trees not yet showing even a hint of any colour but green. Many of the gardens were all in full bloom – riots of colour.

At one point, we went into a Loblaws/LCBO to see if the LCBO had Concha Y Toro Frontera Shiraz-Cabernet (alas, no) and use the public washrooms, because of course, now that summer is officially over, Torontonians do not require public washrooms to be open in the parks (don’t get me started on this!) While we were there, we walked through the little indoor “takeout” cafe overlooking the perfectly serviceable park across the street. A park full of picnic tables and children playing and sunshine and trees. Why on earth were the people sitting indoors on such a beautiful day?! (ooops… don’t get me started on that either.)

Later, we stopped to sit in the stands to watch a high school football match, then back onto our bikes to meander south again, heading through the happily busy Trinity Bellwoods Park. We stopped to watch probably the best baseball we’ve seen in ages: ponytail guy and his friend in the outfield making spectacular running and sliding flyball catches. We continued on and blundered onto the Queen West Art Crawl, seeing wonderful paintings, sculpture, pottery, jewellery, etc. etc. All of it is priced to sell – some stunningly beautiful large oil paintings were marked “rent to own”. It was a magical afternoon, that was made only more magical by the fabulous smoked chicken and rice soup (with LOTS of ginger and garnished with coriander leaf and finely chopped homegrown insanely hot cayenne peppers) followed by pie. Grape pie. Mmmmmmmm… pie….

Edit 22 September 2009: I completely forgot to mention one of the exciting aspects of making grape pie. After we washed the grapes for the pie (fully submerged in soapy water), rinsed well and drained them, we started pulling grapes off the stems. I was using only my right hand (because of my left thumb covered in stitches) and was just plunging my hand in to get a grape tree when a wasp glibly started crawling up from the bottom of the bowl. Good thing we saw it first!! Wouldn’t that have been irritating to have both hands out of commission!? I can’t even begin to imagine trying to explain that at work. “No, sorry, I won’t be able to do that. I cut my left thumb with a dull paring knife and my right hand is unspeakably swollen from trying to shake hands with a wasp.” Somehow, it just doesn’t sound believable….

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2 responses to “mmmmm… coronation grape pie

  1. Meagan

    Sounds like a perfect day. Funny I’ve never thought of making grape pie before – I shall have to try this week. Also have washroom rage regarding the parks – and occasionaly the city in general. Good to know I’m not alone.

  2. Bev

    I have just resently found the coronation grape, bought a pie. I’m hooked, drove for miles to find some grapes and lucked out. Not only bought two baskets of grapes but a pie and 9 tarts.
    Have tried to find a greenhouse or grower where i can buy a few grape plants, do you know of any . Whould love any feed back.


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