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molasses fennel rye (BBBuddies) summary: September 2012 Bread Baking Buddies; Molasses Fennel Rye gallery; (click on image(s) to see the BBBuddies’ posts)

edit 1 October 2012: I just got Sandie’s email and learned there is one more BBBuddy.

I always get nervous about hosting. Will anyone make the bread? And if they do, will they like it? I worry that my mailbox will be flooded with notices of all the people making the bread. Simultaneously, I worry that my mailbox will be empty empty empty…. Quel relief that our wonderful BBBs came through and not only baked the bread, but liked it too. Hurrah!!

Bread Baking Buddies (BBB): Molasses Fennel Rye

This September, the BBBabes strolled with me down Memory Lane to make the very first bread that I ever made: Molasses Fennel Rye. Here is the recipe we used.

The BBBuddies are from all over the world, this month hailing from Hungary, Switzerland and various parts of the USA.

Here, with no further ado, are the September 2012 Buddies (in alphabetical order by first name):

Ágnes, Szeretetrehangoltan

bbb September 2012 I really like the leaf shape on Ágnes’ bread and how lovely that she chose a maple leaf! Ágnes’ post is in Hungarian but thanks to Google Translate, I got the gist of what she wrote. She realized just shortly before baking the bread that it called for fennel. She had many spices on hand, but not fennel. However, she did have anise and decided to substitute anise for the fennel. Brava! Instead of Thompson raisins, she chose golden raisins. But from her description of her bread baking, “30 perc alatt megsültek, s közben valami fenomenális illat szállt a lakásban” (Baked in 30 minutes, while some phenomenal fragrance filled the house), it sounds like her bread was turning out pretty much like ours did. And then she tasted it: “Nagyon finom! illatos, édeskés, a héja ropogós, a bélzete puha selymes.” (It’s delicious! fragrant, sweet, crunchy crust and a soft silky inner crumb.) I’m so pleased that Ágnes’ bread turned out so well! És legközelebb, azt akarom, hogy egy juharfalevél a mi kenyér is! (I hope that translates correctly. :-))

» Szeretetrehangoltan: Melaszos rozskenyér (Molasses Rye Bread)


Carola, Sweet and That’s it

bbb September 2012 Carola posted in English and Italian with a lovely ‘Good Morning!’ saying “Una magnifica giornata inizia con il profumo di pane appena sfornato che invade la casa!”. Like so many others, she used her stand mixer to make her Molasses Fennel Rye. She had the brilliant idea to sprinkle sesame seeds on top of her loaf. Like us, Carola loved the fennel/raisin combination and said “This bread is a keeper! […] Questo pane è assolutamente da rifare!”. Si, davvero!

» Sweet and That’s it: Molasses Fennel Rye Bread – Pane di Segale con Melassa e Semi di Finocchio


Cathy, Bread Experience

bbb September 2012 Cathy was going to follow the recipe to the letter, but when she found she didn’t have any raisins, she used dried cranberries. Then she discovered she didn’t have enough wheat germ so topped up with rye flakes. Yay Cathy! She mixed her bread by hand. She was very good at planning ahead and didn’t let her shaped loaves over-rise so she has beautiful slashes. To enhance the bread, she brushed the just baked loaves with butter for added shine. What beautiful bread it is too! Cathy wrote, “This bread is so good, it’s addictive. One slice is not enough! So go on, have another piece…”. Why, yes, what a good idea! As soon as I’m finished typing this, I think I will.

» Bread Experience: It started out as Molasses Fennel Rye Bread


Dewi, ~ e l r a ~

bbb September 2012 Dewi has wanted to make rye bread for a while but has been waiting for an uncomplicated recipe. How very nice that she thought Clark’s bread “not only sounded superb, but seemed pretty manageable to make”. She had most of the ingredients on hand, with the exception of wheat germ and whole wheat flour. Rather than slog to the grocery store, she cleverly substituted spelt flour and oatmeal. Dewi mixed her bread by hand as well and… it will never cease to amaze me… she oiled the rising bowl. Didn’t I expressly say not to do that? :lalala: (Please reassure me that I don’t have to say that I’m mocking myself.) She waited patiently for the bread to rise. And did it ever rise! Look at that loft! I’m so pleased to see that she decreed that her Molasses Fennel Rye was a “good looking loaf, and of course it tasted delicious too”.

» ~ e l r a ~ Molasses Fennel Rye Bread


Judy, Judy’s Gross Eats

bbb September 2012 Judy was very busy and the weather was hot. But she didn’t let that stop her from baking BBBread. Like some of the other BBBabes who don’t like to get their hands a bit messy, she chose to use her stand mixer, saying that “the whole process was a breeze”. She used golden raisins and added a few toasted nuts. Judy slathered the bread with homemade apple butter and/or butter and/or cheese. Yes, indeed, I agree heartily with Judy when she says that Molasses Fennel Rye “is definitely well worth making”.

» Judy’s Gross Eats: BBB Buddy: Molasses Fennel Rye Bread


Kelly, A Messy Kitchen

bbb September 2012 Kelly embraced the sweetness of this bread and added the full amount of sugar and molasses. She used her stand mixer too mixing in spelt rather than wheat flour, and instead of wheat germ, she chose golden flax seed meal. She said “it turned out very yummy with awesome aroma and great flavour” and assured us that her “slightly sweeter version is excellent with a hearty fall stew”. I can well imagine that; Kelly’s bread looks delicious!

» A Messy Kitchen: BBB molasses fennel rye bread


Rita, Soepkipje

bbb September 2012 Rita didn’t say whether she mixed by hand or used an electric mixer. But she did mention that she did make “a "few" changes in the recipe…….”. Like others, she omitted the sugar and raisins. She also omitted the all-purpose flour, fennel seeds, wheat germ and reduced “the water, the blackstrap molasses, the salt” but added “wheat bran, ground fennel” as well as extra rye and whole wheat flours. I love those slashes; they’re beautiful. I’m not entirely sure that I’d identify Rita’s bread as Clark’s bread but it does look good! And indeed, Rita said, “it was a good and tasty bread!”

» Soepkipje: Molasses Fennel Rye Bread


Sandie, Crumbs of Love

bbb September 2012 Sandie loves baking bread and says that it still makes her “Can I say once again how much I enjoy baking bread? It still makes me smile to try out a new bread recipe and have it turn out so tasty”. I must say that it looks like her bread turned out fabulously. And I really like the hash mark she made with the flour. Sandie embraced the sweet aspect of the bread as she “thoroughly enjoyed it with a smear of biscoff cookie butter (heaven)” while her husband was stayed on the savoury side and enjoyed his Molasses Fennel Rye with turkey salad. Sandie may have sent in her entry a day late but what’s an extra day? Sandie said it best: “Bake On!”

» Crumbs of Love: Molasses Fennel Rye Bread


Thank you, Bread Baking Buddies: September 2012BBBuddies, you are the BBBest!!

If I missed posting about anyone’s BBB Molasses Fennel Rye, please do let me know.



  • leave a comment on this post that you have baked the bread, leaving a link back to your post.

And of course, if you haven’t made it yet, just because the deadline is past, I hope that won’t stop you from making Molasses Fennel Rye. You won’t be sorry. And while it’s rising, start simmering a big pot of soup to go with this wonderful bread.

Clark's Bread ingredients

Bread Baking Babes

World Bread Day is coming up

The BBBabes’ posting date this coming 16 October is also World Bread Day. We’re inviting you to bake along with us just as we did for Julia Child’s birthday party in August. If you’d like to bake with us, please contact Tanna (My Kitchen in Half Cups) and she will send you our October 2012 recipe.


I can’t get over the number of people who don’t love to plunge their hands into dough to mix and knead it but would rather rummage through their cupboard to wrestle the stand mixer onto the counter, then drown out the dulcet tones of the birds singing by switching the machine on, then wrestle the bowl out of its housing, pull dough off the paddle, etc. etc. (Can you tell I don’t have a stand mixer? :lalala:)

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    Janet's Molasses Fennel Rye on The FreshLoaf I was just looking at comments to the announcement I made about September2012 BBBBread on the Freshloaf ( and can’t get over the beautiful sourdough version of Clark’s bread that Janet made well before the end of September. What beautiful bread, Janet!! – Janet’s Sourdough Molasses Fennel Rye



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