More Cheese Please (WTSIM…#18)

summary: cheeses, crackers and grappa for dessert; information about WTSIM… picnic basket (click on images for larger views and more photos)

Contrary to all appearances, this is NOT a post for

Waiter, there's something in my... Waiter, there’s something in my… picnic basket!

Why is it not a WTSIM… post?

  • I didn’t make anything and just opened up packages. At least it’s not a bag of chips. (Actually, I did make something. I made vegetarian hamburgers*. But they can’t be easily transported. When you read about them, you’ll understand why.)
  • It’s past the deadline.
  • It’s WAY past the deadline; the roundup has already been posted.

But what I want to say as I’m racing up the path to the picnic site is:

cheese Wait for me!! Wait for me!!!

Noooo!!! Is the picnic finished? Rats. Heey!!! …come baaaaack!!!

I have dessert… the ultimate dessert:

The best cheese in the world. Well, maybe not THE best. But it’s one of the best: Beemster Aged Gouda from the Netherlands. It has the most wonderful caramelized shards throughout.

cheese And I’ve got grappa too (the bottle’s inside a paper bag, just in case the authorities are looking). And crackers: fig and walnut crackers.

But I see the tables are all empty, the fires have been put out, the ground swept of any debris. Even the birds are in the trees, having finished picking up any stray crumbs. I KNEW I shouldn’t have taken the time to brush my hair before jumping on my bike to get to the picnic! :stomp:

That’s okay. I’ll just sit here forlornly (well, not too forlornly… I’ve got Beemster and grappa :-)).

This is actually a long overdue post that was supposed to have appeared in April. We fed our neighbours’ cats while they were away for a couple of weeks and were absolutely amazed on their return to be presented with the most beautiful basket full of cheese and crackers that they had gotten from a local shop called “The Thin Blue Line”.
And there were two different kinds of crackers. There was a bag of truly spectacular rosemary flatbread from ACE bakery as well. I foolishly did NOT write down what the other cheeses were. We loved them all, but the Beemster was the really outstanding one. In fact, we have returned to “The Thin Blue Line” just to replenish the Beemster.


* Stay tuned for the hamburger report. GREAT hamburgers! With homemade sesame buns!! Hamburgers so great that I bet the WTSIM… board of directors would have allowed them as a late entry to the picnic. Even though they don’t transport very well.


Waiter, there’s something in my… (WTSIM…)

Johanna (The Passionate Cook) is hosting this summer’s WTSIM… and has announced that the theme is picnic fare. Here is what she wrote in her WTSIM… announcement:

[W]e’re looking for picnic recipes, anything that transports well, can be prepared in advance and doesn’t need (much) preparation on the spot – this could be a salad, a cake, a terrine, a stuffed bread, a bento box, even a drink… the possibilities are endless!

The deadline for WTSIM… picnic basket! is 18 August, 2008. If you would like to participate, too bad… you’re too late. Please read the following for more information:


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1 response to “More Cheese Please (WTSIM…#18)

  1. Bellini Valli

    It reminded me of Alice in Wonderland and being late for the tea party..or in this case picnic. Alive or anyone else wuld enjoy these crackers and cheese. Don’t you love when you find these treasures locally :D


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