more lame scoring

lame scoring summary: 2nd attempt at lame scoring; ongoing web server nightmares resolved at last. I hope…;

I can get upload images again! I can upload images again!!

homemade bread lameWhen we’re not admiring it hanging on the kitchen wall, we’ve been having fun playing with our lame. A few weeks ago (I was going to post about this MUCH earlier, but well, you know…), we decided to make three loaves of bread. Two of them were proofed free-form and the third shaped into a round and proofed in our brotform.

We’re still trying to get correct angles and depth with our scoring. Although we did achieve formidable oven spring with this batch, we were not quite as successful as we had hoped. But we felt very elegant with our silver handled lame, didn’t cut ourselves AND we did have some success. Look!!

lame scored bread
whoohoooo! an ear!

For the loaf that was proofed in our cane brotform, I was trying to achieve an effect of a mortar-board hat on the top of the round. We’re not sure that it’s only the lame work that has caused the scoring in this loaf to balloon up. Perhaps the bread had not risen enough?

lame scored breadlame scored bread

For his loaf, T was trying for an interesting interlocked C’s shaped design. He scored quite deeply. Again, either the angle or the depth of cuts was incorrect. The scores would have been entirely invisible if it weren’t for the sesame seeds. As it is, they can hardly be seen… (The odd little broken-off stem on the bottom of the loaf is due to the fact that two of the loaves grew together in the oven.)

lame scored breadlame scored bread

On the oval loaf, I decided to do a simple elongated S. As far as I remember, I used the corner of the blade held at about a 45° angle to the board. The cut was relatively deep. We covered this loaf too with sesame seeds to emphasize the cut marks.

lame scored breadlame scored bread

We thought this last loaf was visually the most successful.

But all three tasted equally good. That’s the great thing about home-made bread. It’s rarely a complete failure and invariably, even with the “failures”, still better than most store-bought bread.

This morning I mixed and kneaded another batch of bread dough (a slight revision of Ken Forkish’s White Bread with Poolish, using unbleached all-purpose flour, some 100% whole wheat flour and a little crushed malted wheat berries left over from our recent experiment making real brown bread). We’ll try lame scoring again. Maybe this time we’ll get ears on all three loaves.

lame scoring

Will this nightmare never end?
Early morning Monday: Sigh. The nightmare with the server for my website continues…. :stomp: :stomp:
Of course it does. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that two Fridays ago was the 13th??
And don’t even get me started on the fact that it snowed on Sunday. It’s supposed to be Spring. Ha!
early Wednesday afternoon: For around 48 hours, I was effectively locked out again, unable to do anything but delete files from my account. :-(
However, my persistent whining finally paid off and everything appears to be fixed now (except for the occasional blank pages – those are my fault! I have to fix my bad coding). At least I hope everything’s fixed….


homemade bread lame

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    1. Elizabeth Post author

      We think that it was because a.) it was at the front of the oven and b.) we didn’t spray it with water (because the flour lines would be lost). We really should try baking the brotform loaves in casserole dishes with the lid on for the first part of baking to trap the steam. But I keep forgetting….


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