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summary: wild yeast fears; expiry dates; bread just wants to be bread; no photographic evidence; back to basics using text only; looking back to the good old days;

The other day, we decided in the morning that we would be having naan, which meant that once again, I’d have to use commercial yeast. Waaaah!!

Now that I’m thoroughly attached to our wonderful Jane Mason starter, I feel like a failure resorting to using Fleischmanns!

But use it I did when I mixed the naan around 1pm. Along with the wild leavener that I fed at about 10am. It is so warm right now and the starter is so voracious that it was raring to go and
floating at 1pm!!

Alas, I was afraid to rely on it exclusively. It’s true; I’m lily-livered

Not to mention that both T and I are ridiculously cranky when our dinner doesn’t turn out the way we expect it should. What babies we are….

Even so, the naan we made were easily the best ever. (Oh oh. Now will I feel compelled to add commercial yeast every time?)

But. What do you think? If I had used only the floating wild starter, would the naan dough have risen in time to be baked for dinner that night? Now I’m kind of sorry I didn’t test it.

But just kind of. Because dinner was delicious. And. There were zero cranky people at the table. It was a Win Win situation.

What do Expiry Dates mean??

This wasn’t the first time this summer that I resorted to using commercial yeast… about two days earlier, I had forgotten to feed the starter the night before for making naan.
So, using only active dry yeast as the leavener, I mixed the dough at 1 pm. (But I did add a spoonful or two of the Jane Mason starter directly from the fridge – just for flavouring.)

As I was kneading in the salt, I was thinking about the fact that the jar of yeast had been in the fridge for eons. So I looked at the “best before” date on the lid:
24 October 2018


But all was well that ended well; it turned out that, once again, bread just wants to be bread.

That’s right. The naan rose in record time and was perfect with butter porken, steamed green beans, and palak sans paneer.

:stomp: Ha! We don’ need no stink’n’ expiry dates! :stomp:


Today, as I was wandering through the blog archives, to find previous posts about naan, I came across this little drawing from the Glory Days of blogging when the likes of WHB and EoMEoTE thrived, before we owned a digital camera, when I blogged {gasp} using words alone and the occasional digital drawing:

Green Eggs and Naan (with abject apologies to Dr.Seuss’ estate)
for green eggs and naan - altered from a drawing in 'Green Eggs and Ham' with apologies to Dr.Seuss' estate
Do I like green eggs and naan?
Who could not like green eggs and naan?
I would eat them in the house;
I would eat them with my spouse;
I would eat them in the kitchen;
…any room, don’t matter which in;

– me, blog from OUR kitchen | EoMEoTE#10 – green eggs and naan

Those were the days my friend. We thought they’d never end. We’d sing and dance forever and a day.


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