After reading about Moira’s (Who Wants Seconds?) fantastic looking black bottom cupcakes, I was reminded of some amazing banana muffins that I made some years ago. As I recalled them, I remembered that they were so fantastic that my father-in-law insisted on having the recipe.

I looked into the binder of our hand-written recipes and there was the recipe, with a big notice saying Fantastic!. I can’t think why I stopped making them. (Perhaps I got distracted by bread making?)

However, because of badgering from Moira, I bought bananas and cream cheese and last Sunday, I made banana cream cheese muffins.

The original recipe called for orange rind, sugar, and cream cheese for the cream cheese filling. But (here’s a big surprise) we didn’t have any oranges in the house. We do, however, always have good Seville orange marmalade – which is basically sugar and orange rind. So marmalade is what I used instead.

The muffins are indeed fantastic. They’re moist and rich and do not require any accompaniment but good strong coffee with plenty of cream. And they’re quite beautiful too. The cream cheese on top is shiny and lightly golden. When the muffins are cut in half, the cone shaped well of marmalade cream cheese is juxtaposed beautifully with the crumb of the muffin. (I’ve got to get a camera!)

Thank you for pressuring me to make these, Moira!! Don’t let me shelve the recipe for another ten years again though!