naan on the barbecue

Last night we had palak paneer, tandoori chicken and naan. Except we don’t have a tandoor. So we cooked the chicken and naan on the barbecue.

We grilled the chicken first. Just as it was almost done, we shaped the bread. When the chicken was done and resting in the kitchen, we brought the shaped bread dough out to cook. I have to say that I was a little nervous about putting the pieces of dough directly on the grill. I thought they might fall through. But I was wrong to worry. They lay quite flat until they puffed up beautifully as they cooked. Each piece of bread had lovely grill marks on the bottom.

The spinach was perfect. Emerald green and creamy. T made a butter sauce (cumin, onions, garlic, cream, tomato paste…) for the chicken. The mahogany brown of the chicken looked wonderful against the coral coloured sauce.

One of the cayenne chili plants is finally fruiting and I cut one nice long green chili off for T to munch on with dinner. He gasped at its heat (and it takes a lot to make him gasp – he can eat habaneros without tearing….) And so we dipped our stunning bread alternately into sauce or spinach and ate chicken and drank crisp dark beer and felt generally pleased with ourselves. Sometimes I love summer nights.


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  1. your sister PRM

    Jealous? YES!!!

    Now that you’ve made naan on the barbecue, try making pizza directly on the barbecue. It’s brilliant!! The dough cooks very quickly and it doesn’t fall through. I’ve used your recipe for pizza dough and it’s been fine, no falling through the grill although MrPRM has to look away because he’s afraid of having to clean dough out of the barbecue. I do one side and then take it off, put the toppings on the cooked side (the other side gets quite dry on top) and cook the other side at much lower heat with the lid closed. Fantastic!!

    I make regular pizza for the boy and spinach/onions/asiago for me and the boy’s dad. Next time, we might make 3 small ones–regular, spinach/onions/asiago and the pesto/goat cheese one.

  2. ejm Post author

    It’s one thing to throw little triangles of dough and not have them fall through. It’s quite another to have faith that the big disc of dough won’t fold over inconveniently as it is being flipped onto the barbecue. (I’m afraid we haven’t enough faith) We are still insisting on putting shaped pizza dough on a pan when cooking it on the barbecue.

    Oh my. I know. You’ve told us and told us that there is no need for fear. But, no offense to Mr.PRM, we are sissies. The whole thing seems fraught with danger if BOTH of us have to follow Mr.PRM’s lead and look away because of being afraid of having to clean dough out of the barbecue….

  3. Moira

    Hi… another dinner to add to my list of things you must make for me if we ever meet, Elizabeth! Everything sounds simply scrumptious, and I’m quite bitter than I can’t eat any of it right now…pout, pout.

  4. ejm Post author

    Yes, it was really good. Glad to see you here, Moira! I must say, it will be difficult to choose what to have from the evergrowing list. We’ll have to have a very long visit!

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