new diet plan

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Magnets The magnets we got for Christmas have spoken. Well, not exactly spoken (they’re magnets; they can’t talk). But it is clear from their silent disapproving stares that they have decided we are to go on a new diet.

That’s right, now that spring is finally here, not only will we exercise more but our diet will change too: No more fried chicken. No more gravy. No more biscuits. No more cake. No more pie. No more cream. No more butter. No more sugar.

Sounds drastic, doesn’t it? Especially as this announcement is directly after the post about Boston Cream Pie!

Have you seen that Google is now offering “FREE breakthrough broadband“? Take a look:

* By the way, you did take note of the date? If not, please place cursor between the arrows.

(There’s NO way magnets are going to tell us what to eat – not even on April 1!)
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8 responses to “new diet plan

  1. MrsBrown

    This morning, in honour of the day, MrBrown served waffles stuffed with sliced radishes…but only in the BrownBoy’s waffles. heeheehee

  2. ejm Post author

    Yum!! I love the idea of radishes on waffles. Did MrBrown pour maple syrup overtop as well? :-D

    Brilynn, I thought of you and wondered what your reaction would be when we threatened to stop eating butter, cream, sugar, etc. (You may be relieved to hear that we slathered butter on our breakfast biscuits. And we had bacon and eggs too. :whoohoo:)

  3. tph

    Mmmm! Mmm! Boy! Sounds like that Mr.Brown sure knows his way around making a good breakfast.

    Maybe I’ll try it tomorrow. On Mrs.H, of course. :)

  4. Jeanne

    Hahahaha – LOL! It was when I read “no more pie” that I knew you were joking. I mean… how can anyone banish pie!! Great April Fool’s joke! And I love the magnets ;-)

  5. ejm Post author

    Glad to hear we had you going for a second, Jeanne. Those magnets are no end of amusement for us – even if they do try to stop us from getting at our pie… And of course you’re right, even the loss of mittens wouldn’t stop us from having our pie and eating it too. :whee:

  6. Kate

    man alive you scared me!

    I was hoping you would still be willing to indulge in an excursion to Dufflet Bakery for me and the Food and Wine 100 and that post didn’t bode well for being a guest blogger! (you are still willing, I hope!)

    now I must go quiet my pounding heart!

  7. ejm Post author

    Eeheeheee!! Heh heh, my 1st April mission accomplished, Kate.

    No we haven’t forgotten about the Dufflet excursion – we’re just waiting for a bit milder weather. We plan to ride our bikes and my biking gear is pretty scary looking in the winter – I always feel somewhat Road Warrior-ish and don’t want to frighten the customers at Dufflets and get turned away by the management before we get to taste their wares.


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