No!! do NOT open the door!!

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icecream machine Sometime in June, my sister and brother-in-law very kindly lent us their fabulous hightech cuisinart ice-cream maker – the kind with its own refrigeration unit.

We tried to give it back about a month ago but they said we could use it as long as we liked. Yes!! As long as we liked!

We have been having  T.H.E.   M.O.S.T.   F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.  ice-cream!! And we got used to having it – even though the machine is huge and loud and was taking up quite a lot of room on the dining room table.

Yes, *sob* I said “was taking up quite a lot of room“.

This morning, the phone rang. Here is how our conversation went after the initial hellos:

brother-in-law: Can I come over this morning to get the ice-cream machine?
me: What?? The ice-cream machine? You want it back? Ummm… I mean… (gulp) Yes, of course!
T: (in the background) NOOOOOO!!!

We tried to hide and not answer the door when the bell rang. But then we remembered they have a key. So we reluctantly let the ice-cream machine go.

Wah!! Once the cache in the freezer is gone, there will be no more ginger ice cream!! No more butter pecan!! No more lime!! No more…

The dining room table looks so empty!!

Remind me to report in more detail about the ice cream… but please wait til I’ve stopped sobbing.


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5 responses to “No!! do NOT open the door!!

  1. kitchenMage

    I bought myself one of those last spring and I adore it! It lives in my sewing room, right behind the seamless holder for my mini-photo studio. You might check Amazon and see if they still have deals on the refurbished ones.

  2. ejm Post author

    Storing it in the sewing room… now THAT’S a good idea, kitchenMage!

    We will definitely have to get one of our own. It hasn’t even been 24 hours, and we are wondering how we will survive without it. :-D

  3. your sister, the ice cream machine holder

    I hope the stocked up ice cream lasts until you get your own maker.

    We were amazed at the ice cream from our ice cream maker when we had some at your place for dinner. We hadn’t been able to get such great ice cream ourselves; ours was always a bit too bony. I know that part of our problem was that we never have cream, so I was mostly trying various kinds of ice milk and even sorbet. Now that I have your recipes, I’m agog to try making some ice cream again. I’ll even get some cream.

    We keep and run ours in the bedroom.

    Oh, you forgot to mention the other excellent if failed attempt to stave off the dreaded event; the sign on the front door that said “No ice cream maker here; try next door.” Heh!

  4. Kate

    We just got a simple ice cream maker and have been enjoying it a lot. I made a delicious orange sherbet, a blueberry sorbet and a wonderful strawberry ice cream. Now, onto the custards and chocolate!!


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