nothing says “Happy New Year!” like paella

summary: Happy New Year; Paella is perfect for New Year’s Eve feast; reminder about the BloggerAid cookbook; (click on image to see larger view)

:hohoho: Happy New Year! :hohoho:

Paella The stock we used for making this paella was made with duck AND chicken bones, as well as some of the fennel stalks that didn’t go into the orange, fennel, red onion salad we served on Christmas night. This stock was so rich that its colour and flavour almost completely overshadowed the saffron in the paella.

But we’re not complaining that we couldn’t really detect the saffron. It was one of the best paellas we’ve ever had.

Our recipe doesn’t call for red peppers but we added them anyway. They look so festive! We also added PEI mussels, chicken, shrimp and served sugar snap peas on the side.

We served the paella with Portuguese vino verde. Sure, not exactly champagne but the light fizz in the vino verde is perfect with paella – especially because of the presence of the chorizo that was quite hot. Good champagne would get completely lost.

T made his own chorizo – no casings, but who cares? It was fabulous!! He mixed ground pork with Ras el hanout, fennel seed and some other herbs and spices and then made patties and fried them. He precooked all the meat and seafood and then added them to the paella near the end of the cooking time.

Oh my!! oh my!! Paella is wonderful!

(The chicken carcasses were from our Christmas night feast. Those two chickens not only fed us spectacularly well on Christmas night but went on to make three other dinners: Hot brown sandwiches, two dinners worth of Chicken a la King, not to mention the chicken sandwiches we had for lunches.)

Of course, you don’t have to wait until next December 31 to have this wonderful dish! Oh my no! I know. It’s not Chinese. But don’t you think it would be perfect thing to serve for Chinese New Year’s Eve? Although… you might not want to wait until January 25…. :hohoho: :-) :hohoho:

Persian rice And speaking of saffron and rice, I believe I’ve mentioned that the BloggerAid-Changing the Face of Famine Cookbook is now available. If you already have your copy, you can leaf through to the recipe for Persian Rice – another ideal dish to serve for New Year’s festivities. Or any festivity at all, for that matter.

Having said that, saffron is an extravagance. And we are the fortunate ones who can afford to serve saffron with our rice. But please remember that not everyone is so fortunate. Some cannot even afford to serve rice. Let’s try to even the balance by giving something to the truly hungry.

Purchase the BloggerAid: Changing the Face of Famine Cookbook - all proceeds go to the UN's World Food Program All the recipes in this cookbook are favourites from our kitchens. We hope that when you get your copy of the cookbook, the recipes will become your favourites as well.

100% of the proceeds for the BloggerAid – Changing the Face of Famine Cookbook go towards “School Meals”, a part of the UN’s World Food Program.


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