Old Bay Seasoning

We tried a new spicerub on grilled chicken the other night. It was fantastic! So last night, using roughly the same measurements, we made a whole bunch more (using new celery seed) and put it on pork shoulder before grilling. Oh my!!! Too much celery seed! …so it’s true. Herbs and spices DO get very faded when they are old.

And speaking of old and faded, have you noticed how rotten the carrots are these days? I can’t wait til we start seeing carrots that were harvested THIS year instead of last autumn sometime.

edit: The above is my very first blog post, made without blogging software and simply throwing a page into the recipes folder. It wasn’t until January 2005 that I finally broke down and installed an actual blogging program and not until Christmas 2005, when we gave ourselves a digital camera, that I began to add our very own photographic evidence to the entries.

June 2003 screenshot: Old Bay Seasoning