Ooooh!! I cannot wait to read this!

Ooooh!! I cannot wait to read this! I just came back from the library with Nancy Silverton’s Breads from the la Brea Bakery. (I love our library system! I can put a request for a book from my computer and it will be delivered to my branch library. When it arrives, the library phones me: "This is the Toronto Public Library. The person whose library card ends with [...] and whose initials are E.J.M. has one or more items [...]")

I’m so excited! This book looks like exactly the right one for me at this moment! As soon as I got home, I began leafing through the index and the moment I saw

Sourdough starter (white bread),
      xxiv-xxvi, 10-12, 31-39
      aroma of, on day three, 33
      consistency of, 11-12
      leftover, using up, 214
      preventing contamination of, 32

I began jumping happily around the kitchen. Even before reading any more, I highly suspect that this book is going on my Christmas list…. Thank you, Susan (Wild Yeast) for mentioning the book in your post about bagels!

La Brea Bakery has a website as well. There are a number of recipes, but alas, none of them for bread, just for things to do with bread. Still it is worthwhile taking a look:

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