Orange Chicken

Last night we had the most wonderful roast chicken with steamed cauliflower and peas, roast potatoes and popovers. Instead of putting an onion into the cavity of the roasting chicken, we put some prunes, apricots and raisins. Wow! What an amazing sweetness was adding to the chicken. And the gravy!! Oh my!! We used a little red wine, orange juice, orange zest and toasted flour.

We got the idea for the toasted flour from an article about Southern (as in southern USA) cooking in a recent issue of Saveur Magazine. It’s a bit labour intensive to do the flour toasting but one can toast a fair amount at a time. Preheat to medium low heat a cast iron pan (no oil). Pour in some flour and stir constantly with a wooden spoon for about half an hour until the flour is golden. (I did say it was labour intensive… we stopped after about 20 minutes because we were terrified that we would scorch the flour and have to throw it out.) Pour flour into a clean glass jam jar; let cool before screwing on lid. Store on the shelf with the spices.