oven-drying tomatoes

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plum tomatoes, oven-drying These quartered plum tomatoes have been drying in the oven since yesterday around noon. As you can see, they are not yet dried.

Normally, they would have been nicely dried by early this morning. But instead of being in a 150F oven overnight, they were in a cold oven. Not even the light turned on to make the oven a little warmer. And the kitchen window was open so the kitchen was nice and cool (cough) this morning – around 16C.

I don’t know when or how the oven was turned off… here is our conversation around 10:00 this morning:

Me: Augh!!! The tomatoes are still in the oven!!
T: I’m glad you remembered! I hope they aren’t overdone!
Me: ummm… nope. The oven is off.
T: I didn’t turn it off! :stomp:
Me: Neither did I:stomp:

The Cat: meow

Well there’s the mystery solved.

:stomp: It was the cat! :stomp:

(Please, I beg you, don’t start humming “Carefully on tiptoe stealing” from HMS Pinafore.)

This is the second batch of plum tomatoes we’ve dried this September. We love eating these jewels of late summer in mid-winter when we’re shivering and it’s dull and grey. Their flavour is wonderfully intense and raisin-like. They’re great cut up and thrown into pasta, or in bacon wrapped chicken logs.

And now, after reading Kalyn’s (Kalyn’s Kitchen) recipe for Baked Chicken Stuffed with Sun-dried Tomato Pesto, Basil, and Goat Cheese (kalynskitchen.com/baked-chicken-stuffed-with-sun-dried/), I might have to go and buy MORE plum tomatoes!

edit 23 September 2006 @ 00:12:47 EDT:

oven-dried tomatoes They were done at last by the late afternoon. As you can see, they shrink even more. In fact, this jar also contains the first batch of tomatoes that we oven-dried this year; there are now close to 3 dozen plum tomatoes in this jar.

Hmmm, I wonder if that will be enough to get us through the winter….

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7 responses to “oven-drying tomatoes

  1. Nicky the Black Dog

    Well, if _I_ had been there, the oven would have stayed on! I’m a good girl; I would NEVER turn the oven off…especially if there was food in it that I might get to eat.

  2. ejm Post author

    They are really good, Kalyn. We had a few mixed into our blackened chili, ham and broccoli pasta tonight – they are a wonderful addition! And my pleasure linking to your recipe. I feel sure that we are going to love it when we make it.

    They do look beautiful, don’t they, Paz. And these ones weren’t quite as nice as the first batch! (I really should have taken a photograph of them. There was absolutely no light coloured center in any of the tomatoes. I somehow lucked out and managed to buy some of the few completely vine-ripened plum tomatoes. (The farmers around here insist on picking things green – drives me crazy…)

    And yes, cats can be useful on occasion.

    Waste oven-dried tomatoes on a dog – even if it’s a very good black dog?? I DON’T think so! :stomp: :stomp:

  3. Nicky the Black Dog

    But if some inadvertantly dropped on the floor, I would be happy to clean them up for you. The 5 second rule rarely applies to me as I can get to food far more quickly than that. Maybe I’ll get the Woman to make some and trip her so some fall on the floor.

  4. Paz

    LOL! My dogs (one in particular) also gets to food dropped on the floor in less than 5 seconds, too! ;-)

    Hmmm… picking things green? So you have to wait for it to ripen, huh?


  5. ejm Post author

    If it were only that simple, Paz. The ripening isn’t at all the same if the fruit has been taken from the vine. There isn’t at all the same flavour or colour.


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