pasta sauce

I made the most wonderful pasta sauce the other night using onion, Japanese eggplant, zucchini and tomato. First I sautéed the diced onion in olive oil until there were little bits of dark gold on the edges. Then I put the eggplant and zucchini (sliced in thin coins) into the pan, tossed them around a bit and left them there at medium heat to sweat and reduce while the pasta water came to a boil on another burner. When it came to a boil, I added a few canned tomatoes but not the juice to the mixture and stirred that around a bit.

I threw penne into the boiling generously salted water. Immediately after, I crushed up some dried dill (a couple of months ago, I bought a huge bunch of fresh dill that we couldn’t get through(!) so I hung it upside down on a hook in the kitchen) and added just a hint of seasalt and a splosh* of cream. I love the smell and taste of dried dill. It is reminiscent of fresh dill but becomes an entirely different herb. I turned the sauce down to a simmer and left it alone, uncovered, to bubble gently while the penne cooked.

When the penne were done, I drained them into a colander and thinly sliced a small piece of barbecued pork shoulder from the night before. I added the pork to the sauce and then immediately added the hot penne to toss in the sauce. Then as a last touch, I ground some black pepper over top.

I don’t know what this might be called – perhaps penne al ratatouille… but whatever it is called, I have to say the dish was brilliant!

* splosh: [splŏsh] n. somewhere between a splash and a slosh, but less than a good shot.