peppermint icecream with chocolate chunks

summary: candy cane chocolate chunk ice cream; making mincemeat; Merry Christmas! (click on image for larger view and more photos)

ice cream Last year, my sister and brother-in-law lent us their ice cream maker, telling us we could keep it as long as we wanted. But they didn’t anticipate that we’d want it forever and one day they came and took it away. Ever since, T has been waffling about whether we should get one. So I gave him one….

He has been having fun creating all kinds of ice cream – vanilla, sweet cream, coffee, chocolate, lemon, ginger… his latest flavour is candycane chocolate chunk, adding crushed candy canes and pieces of hazelnut milk chocolate in sweet cream ice cream. Perfect for Christmas!!

As usual, I also made ginger shortbread which will go fabulously with the sweet cream ice cream. And T suddenly decided that we neeeeeeeeeeeded mincemeat. Having never made mincemeat before, he consulted Mom’s recipe as well as the various mincemeat recipes in the November SAVEUR magazine. But we didn’t have any suet, or grapefruit, or candied pineapple, or….

He announced that he didn’t really need to follow a recipe and that he’d wing it. Instead of suet, he used butter. And he added some almonds. And candied the orange peel himself.

The resulting mincemeat is brilliant. If it weren’t Christmas time, I’d report that I hate him. :hohoho: :-) :hohoho: But of course, that would be quite wrong. Not to mention entirely false…. (I’m correct that Santa Claus does not deliver presents to people who have lied, aren’t I?)

I think we’re almost ready!! I just have to go and oven-dry pear slices for our red leaf lettuce, pear, toasted pinenuts salad we will be serving tonight.

T has already made chicken liver pate with green peppercorns and I made roasted red pepper pate too – if one pate is good, then two must be better, right?

Oooh I can’t wait! It’s almost time!!

:hohoho: Merry Christmas to all! :hohoho:
Star of Wonder

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1 response to “peppermint icecream with chocolate chunks

  1. MyKitchenInHalfCups

    Merry Christmas!!
    Sounds like a wonderful mincemeat. . . do we hear more about it.

    Absolutely, Tanna. It will be in my next post. Of course, we didn’t get the camera out when we had it on Christmas Eve OR on Christmas night. But we’re planning on having some tonight after our Boxing Day dinner of left-overs. I’ll try to remember to deploy the camera before the spoon. :-) -Elizabeth
    edit 27 December: Here is the post with the mincemeat recipe.


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