Phooey?? …Clafoutis!

summary: red grape clafoutis; being off-line for several hours; how comforting information on an updates page can be; (click on image(s) to see larger view and more photos)

clafoutis Last week, Katie (Thyme for Cooking) made us quite envious that she has two wild plum trees. The wild plum clafoutis with the lovely little plums she made looked wonderful.

I hadn’t had clafoutis since one of our bicycle holidays in France. As I recall, it was grape clafoutis. I remember liking it. Not loving it but liking it. But then I’m not the biggest fan of custards. (They remind me a little of ketchup and the association thereof.)

Where IS my diary from that particular trip?!! [Riffle, riffle, riffle …aha. Here it is:

Tuesday 23 September 1997 – PARIS […]

7:25 pm We found the restaurant !! that we came to with P last year. Aux Bons Crus #7 Rue Petits Champs. We walked from a beautiful church Eglise d St Eustache through the touristy section of restaurants including Au Pied du cochon. Our dinner has arrived! Bread, blanquette de veau and fondue fromage and great red wine! Domaine des Jonquiers Côtes du Rhône 1996 (86FF)

8:10 pm The fellow just sold us on the dessert special of pie without pastry. Grape and custard? hot and DELICIOUS! […] The dessert is called clafoutis.

How memory plays tricks on us! I’m amazed to see that I LOVED clafoutis!

We stared at Katie’s photos again and wished we had wild plums. Alas no. But we did have storebought red grapes. So… T decided to make clafoutis. Red Grape Clafoutis!!

It looked so good! It looked fabulous, even.

T tasted it and swooning, confirmed that it was brilliant.

clafoutis I tasted it and… well… there was nothing wrong with it. Really there wasn’t. It was just that it was custard. But even more to the point, we weren’t in Paris just about to go on a bicycle adventure through the French countryside. Not to mention that it wasn’t red grape pie.

T was pleased. It meant he could have all the clafoutis. In fact, he loved it so much that he made another one a couple of days later. The only change he made to the second one was to add even more red grapes and wish that it was plum season here.

Here is the recipe he followed:

You might be noticing some internal server errors today. This is an improvement. A big improvement. Yesterday, at some point in the morning, this site went offline. Phooey!!

At first I thought it was my connection to the internet. But, no, the rest of the internet was still available. So I went to the updates page of my webhost. They actually HAVE an updates page. And when things are serious, they actually post things. Yay!!

June 22, 12:50 PM – Server location issue
[T]here was a problem with the cooling system at our server location, and our servers were taken down to prevent any issues and to protect data. We are in the process of bringing them back up now. ETA approximately 30 mins, give or take.

Alas, I had hoped that the “give or take” was not going to exceed an hour. But yesterday at 5PM, the server was still offline and throwing “not found” error pages for the site.

June 22, 5:34 PM – What a Day!
[…] The A/C for our section lost it’s water, which means it couldn’t cool things. 4 servers went down but the rest stayed up. This took down [the server that houses]. Since bringing it back up, [it] has crashed 2 more times – it looks like there might have been some heat damage. We are investigating what the issue is and what needs to be replaced. Will keep you up to date.

Eeeek!! I tried hard not to fear the worst. And went down to set the table for dinner.

June 22, 6:55 PM – Failed Memory!
[The server for] has memory that has gone bad. We are getting a replacement in (eta 20mins) and bringing the system up – we expect it might need a fsck, but I will let you know. Keep tuned!

Just before we sat down to dinner, I snuck in to take a peek and discover that the site was back. With nothing missing. Yay!!

June 22, 7:45 PM – FINALLY Back Up
The system is up and stable with it’s replacement RAM. […]
June 22, 7:22 PM – Memory In
The memory is in, we are fscking the data to make sure it is not corrupt. We should be back up in 30-40 mins total.

And it was still online this morning. I was just about to hit “publish” on this post, when I discovered that we were once again offline. Frustrated, I decided to leave the computer and do other things. On my return, I was happy to see that we were back online and the following on the updates page:

June 23, 2:23 PM – External DOS
So, aside from the A/C, power issue, there was a complaint that the server was getting sluggish. As soon as the system came up, it created 3x more processes than normal – and I found a single IP DOSing email. Quick firewall ban and performance is restored!

Even though it was indeed a trying two days (more trying for the webhost than for me), it was very very nice to be able to go to an updates page to see actual updates. Hurray for a host that believes in good service and keeping their clients well informed, even in the bad times!


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1 response to “Phooey?? …Clafoutis!

  1. Patricia

    I was at a dinner party last week where there was Blueberry Clafoutis for dessert. It wasn’t bad but it was a little custardy for my taste. It was fine. I don’t want to make it myself even though “It’s easy! And children like it!” as my friend said.

    That’s exactly my argument, Patricia. It’s a little custardy. And Ha! Your poor, misguided friend. I feel certain that I would have loathed Clafoutis as a child. (I am reminded of the tapioca pudding that has suddenly become popular with 50% of the inhabitants here. The 50% who can actually swallow the pudding gave a bowl of it to our neighbours to try. Their 4 year-old eagerly spooned some into his mouth and immediately and unceremoniously spit it back out. The 50% who said that NOBODY likes tapioca pudding couldn’t stop laughing.) -Elizabeth


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