Grape Pie

It’s also wild blueberry season now. We decided we neeeeeeeded to have a blueberry pie and headed to our favourite store that sells the best local wildblueberries at the best price. Even so that makes for quite an expensive pie. This year enough blueberries for a pie cost about $10. While headed to get the blueberries, we saw some small blue grapes – sweet, yet tart – no idea what kind they are but they are definitely not Concord. People were hovering like wasps around the grapes – grabbing bunches and racing to the cashier with them. So we did too. (Baaa baaa baaa!) And wow! We had the best grape pie last night! It looks like blueberry pie. It tastes almost like blueberry pie but just a little different. It tastes wonderful! And the cost? About $3 – with grapes to spare for munching on with small pieces of Toscanello cheese.