plum tomatoes

After having ranted about local spinach not being available, I must hasten to add that there are huge quantities of the most wonderful local plum tomatoes at all of our fruit and vegetable stores. Yesterday, we got several tomatoes and this morning, quartered them, lightly salted them with seasalt and laid them on two racks over trays in the oven set to 150F.

I can’t wait!! I adore the intense flavour of oven-dried tomatoes. And they are so far superior to the commercially prepared somewhat dull sun-dried tomatoes. I mean really, when were those particular tomatoes grown and dried?? Years ago, no doubt.

Don’t you love the early autumn?

2 responses to “plum tomatoes

  1. Amy

    Oh yes. love autumn and LOVE plum tomatoes. I love late autumn even more, but that is because I live in Florida and my late autum is like your spring!

  2. ejm Post author

    It’s the abundant harvest that I love so much. I just can’t get over the giant baskets full of cranberry beans, winter squashes, peppers, apples, etc.

    Peppers!! There is a hot locally grown shepherd pepper that is only available for about two weeks every fall. I’ve just started seeing them. I’ve got to get some more tomatoes and some of those peppers to make tomato sauce to freeze. Then we can pull the tomato sauce out of the freezer in the middle of a dismally cold day in February and it will be almost as good as Dandelion wine.

    (The tomatoes are fantastic. They have shrivelled beautifully and smell sweet but raisiny.)

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