porkchops, asparagus, pasta with sage

Last night, we had the most amazing grilled porkchops, asparagus, and noodles tossed with fresh sage and garlic. We sauteed 6 chopped sage leaves in olive oil and a tiny bit of butter. At the last second, we threw in one clove of garlic, finely sliced – and sauteed briefly til garlic and sage got a tiny bit caramelized. Then the pasta was tossed in this simple sauce. It could have used a few more sage leaves but it was really a brilliant accompaniment to the porkchops.

Usually, we rub the meat with a spice rub. But this time we just sprinkled on salt and pepper. Now we are in a dilemma! To spice rub or not to spice rub. Both ways are equally good.

And the asparagus. Oh that asparagus. Beautiful thin young stalks steamed for just the briefest amount of time and served with a light drizzling of butter and fresh lemon juice. What could be better?