We had the most amazing porridge this morning for breakfast. I remembered that the best oatmeal I’d ever had was made on a woodfire stove at my Godmother’s cottage. She had put whole dates into the porridge. It was really wonderful.

Well, we didn’t have any dates in the house, so we substituted capers. And we also didn’t have quite enough oatmeal, so we substituted buckwheat. And we didn’t have any milk (we really should go to the grocery store!!) so we substituted coffeemate mixed with clubsoda. Yum!!*




* You did take note of the date? If not, please place cursor between the arrows.

Okay I know this is lame, but… ha ha… April fool!


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  1. ejm Post author

    Nic, I would never have thought of adding capers to porridge either – on any other day but the 1st of April. (hehehehehehe)

  2. ejm Post author

    Wow, this is great! And I thought I was being too obvious with the exchange of capers for dates! eeeeeheeheeheeheeheeheee!

    (My Godmother really did make oatmeal porridge with dates over a woodfire stove though. And it really was delicious.)

  3. CAM

    You got me, too! My excuse is that I didn’t look at the date. Reminds me of prank phone calls in the past where a group of kids phoned up people saying they were “Salty Sally’s Recipes” and giving out recipes that were similar in many ways to EJM’s porridge. Except that we’d never heard of capers in those days, and I’m not even sure there was such a thing as coffee mate. Confessions of an ill-spent youth — we did not restrict ourselves to April 1. All recipes were previously tested, however.

  4. ejm Post author

    I can’t believe it! Nobody has ever been tricked by me before. Wheeee! I thought the sight of the hulahooping cow would give it away for sure! (Hover your mouse over the cow….)

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