Preserved Lemons and Couscous

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recipe: Couscous with Preserved Lemon

I found more unpublished photos from LAST year… :lalala:

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preserved lemons As soon as I found out who my Taste & Create partner is, I raced over to her blog. There at the top of Val’s site, More Than Burnt Toast, were the most beautiful looking preserved lemons. Val’s preserved lemons have chilis and spices (good idea!) but are otherwise very similar to the preserved lemons we make based on Patricia Wells’ recipe in her cookbook At Home in Provence.

This was a great reminder for me to make preserved lemons again, because one of our favourite things to do is chop them and put them into couscous to go with Moroccan-style chicken with prunes and apricots.

couscous with preserved lemons Of course we don’t have lemons right now, either preserved or not.

However, when I was wandering through our photos, I discovered some photos of couscous and preserved lemons taken in February 2007. Mmmm, that couscous was delicious!!

Here’s what we did:

Couscous with Preserved Lemon
makes enough for two very hungry hogs

  • 2 c couscous
  • 2 c stock (or chicken stock powder and water)
  • preserved lemons, chopped


  1. Cut the preserved lemons into bite-sized pieces and put them into a pot with the couscous.
  2. In another pot, bring stock to a boil. (If we don’t happen to have stock on hand, we use chicken stock powder and boiling water.)
  3. Pour the boiling stock over the couscous. Cover and let sit for 5 minutes to allow the couscous to absorb the liquid.

Fluff with a fork and serve immediately with steamed green vegetables and a Moroccan-style stew, such as our favourite Chicken with apricots and prunes.

A note about the amount of liquid: Many people say to use more liquid. We find that this causes the couscous to be mushy rather than ever so slightly al dente with each grain staying separate, in the same way that rice should be separate.

As I recall, we have also tossed some chopped preserved lemons with caramelized garlic into spaghettini to go with grilled chops later on in 2007. That was delicious so we added rapini and lemon verbena on another occasion. Which was equally delicious. So we had it again. And again. No wonder we don’t have any preserved lemons left!

But what an oversight for me not to make more! Remind me to get some lemons…

In the meantime, please excuse me while I continue to wander through the many delectable things on Val’s site. What to make; what to make!!

Taste & Create (© Nicole King) Nicole (For the Love of Food) runs a very cool event. She assigns each of the participants a partner and invites them to wander through their partners’ archives to find and recreate a dish that appeals to them. And then blog about it…. She wrote:

What it’s all about: community, sharing, tasting, and blogging. This is a gathering point for the food-blogger community to come and have their recipes tested by their peers.

For complete details about Taste & Create, please see

  • For the Love of Food: Taste & Create VIII (includes the round-up to Taste & Create VII


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3 responses to “Preserved Lemons and Couscous

  1. Jeanne

    I love preserved lemons – especially diced and mixed with some olives and thyme – heaven! Have always promised myself I’d have a go at making some one day but it’s still languishing on the “to do” list…

  2. ejm Post author

    Making preserved lemons really couldn’t be easier, Jeanne. It only takes 7 days and the ability to remember to turn the lemons in the jar over twice a day. (I turn them first thing in the morning and just after dinner in the evening.)

    Our latest batch of preserved lemons should be ready to go in a couple of days. I almost put chili peppers and whole peppercorns in like you do, Bellini, but then at the last minute decided to stick with our usual grey seasalt, lemonjuice and lemons. I can’t wait to hear what you made! I too am glad we were paired together. We made your dish last night.



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