pub night

Suddenly a couple of weeks ago, we decided that Saturday night is pub night. And that means wings!

T tossed the wings (from St. Andrew’s Poultry in Kensington Market) in our Flour and Herb Rub and baked them on a shallow tray. About 5 minutes before the wings were done, he put honey, soy sauce and chopped garlic into a large pyrex bowl and put that in the oven. It quickly began to bubble. Out of the oven it came, along with the tray of wings. The wings were plunged into the bubbling honey mix and tossed. It was just enough honey garlic mixture that the wings were coated but not absolutely dripping. They were still crispy even though covered in the caramelized honey garlic. We really should have dumped the wings into parchment paper lined baskets but we don’t have any baskets so we served them on plates along with a heap of oven roasted potatoes that were sprinkled liberally with chili flakes before roasting. I’m incapable of eating oven roasted potatoes without a bit of Hellmann’s mayonnaise mixed with mustard. So we had a small dish of that too. And don’t forget the dark beer! (Gritstone Premium Ale)

And of course, one can’t have wings without carrot and celery sticks with blue cheese dressing!

About the Blue Cheese dressing: We didn’t each have small stainless steel containers of pasty blue cheese dressing from a bottle. No no no. That wouldn’t do. In a medium sized pyrex custard bowl, we mixed Hellmann’s mayonnaise, a dash of paprika and a good shot of crumbled decent (but not too pricey) Danish blue from one of the cheese shops in Kensington Market.

We sat in front of the TV and watched a rented movie as we stuffed our faces. What did we watch? I have no idea. Was it Heaven? Maybe. I was completely distracted by those wings!

After tasting our pub night wings, we will be hard pressed to find any pub that will serve wings as good as we had. And we can’t wait til tomorrow to have them again. So please note the change in schedule. Friday night is pub night.

2 responses to “pub night

  1. David

    I understand the beer-drinking part but what about the pub part?

    n : tavern consisting of a building with a bar and public rooms; often provides light meals [syn: public house, saloon, pothouse, gin mill, taphouse]

  2. ejm Post author

    When we used to go to the pub, it was usually on half-price wing night. So pub night became synonymous with wings. We stopped going to the pub because we couldn’t stand the smoke. Now that smoking has been abolished from pubs, we could go back. But we know that the beer and the food is better at our house. AND we can watch whatever mindless swill on TV that we want rather than have to watch the mindless swill that is on the pub TV.

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