It appears that I’m about to make pucks again and it’s yet another opportunity to triumphantly announce a brilliant success dashed…

My natural starter bread won’t rise. I was sure that it was active enough and that there were enough bubbles! The book (Piano Piano Pieno by Susan McKenna Grant) did say that it might take longer than 4 hours to rise after the final shaping. But she didn’t say anything about more than 24…

I don’t care that it’s virtually the same size as it was half an hour after shaping (it slumped down and spread out a little because the dough was somewhat slack). I’m going to bake it anyway… I’m just headed down now to put it in the oven.

(I did take photos but they’re still in the camera; I will try not to hide the evidence….)

If you haven’t already, please read the sometimes grisly history of my hunt for wild yeast:


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