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summary: urgent call for donations to help those affected by the earthquake in Haiti; information about WFP, Canada and Canadian Aid organizations

From what I have gathered about the grave situation in Haiti, things are not going to improve quickly.

The people of Haiti need food assistance as quickly as possible to prevent hunger worsening the misery already caused by the disaster [that has left a large number of people homeless and hungry].

UN’s World Food Programme: Haiti

Here is a list of other relief organizations, along with phone numbers and links to online donation pages:

  • Globe and Mail: How you can help those in Haiti (

Sadly, there are many other areas of the world where relief is needed (see Relief Web: countries and emergencies) Because of the nature of the Haitian crisis, there may be a larger number of donations than usual with regards to the earthquake; please specify “greatest need” on your donation.

Note that it’s very likely that your donation will go towards helping those in Haiti. However, in the case where there is a surplus (wouldn’t that be wonderful?), any amounts labelled “greatest need” can be moved to areas that have not received the same amount of press.

But having said that, please note this announcement from the Canadian Federal government:

The federal government is earmarking up to $50 million to match Canadians’ donations of up to $100,000 to charities aiding relief efforts in earthquake-ravaged Haiti. The donations must meet the following requirements:

  • Made by an individual Canadian.
  • Made to a registered Canadian charitable organization that is receiving donations in response to the Jan. 12 Haiti earthquake.
  • Specifically earmarked by such organizations for the purpose of responding to the earthquake.
  • Made between Jan. 12 and Feb. 12, 2010.

The Canadian International Development Agency has more information on Canada’s Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund.

– CBC: Haitian contacts, relief efforts


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edit 16 January 2010: Hilda (Saffron and Blueberry) has remarkable contacts. The donor for her Menu For Hope auction item has generously pledged to donate $10 for EVERY comment posted between now and January 31st 2010. The money will be used to purchase

essential supplies such as blankets, food, water, medical supplies etc… I am fortunate that as the donating party is a government mission, they can organize the prompt purchase and, more importantly, the actual dispatch and arrival of these goods to Haiti. […] In case you’re wondering, look around, I don’t have any kind of advertising on this blog so I don’t benefit from any traffic this site gets. -Hilda, Haitian Relief Effort – Comment to Raise Funds

Don’t go just simply to comment though. Hilda’s blog is well worth seeing. Both the writing and the photographs are studdingly beautiful. Favourite posts so far: