Red globe grapes

Alas, alas! Just as we’ve discovered the wonders of red globe grapes, the season already seems to be finished! About a month ago, I bought some beautiful looking large red grapes that were about a dollar cheaper than the other grapes at the fruit stand. When we tasted them, they were wonderful but they had LOTS of seeds. But we quickly didn’t care. The flavour was so much more intense than in any seedless grapes we’ve had. The seedless red grapes we had with our Toscanello last night for dessert just didn’t quite stand up to what we have grown to love.

I just googled to see when we can expect to see red globes again. This page about red globe grapes (was at but has now disappeared) says that they are available all year round – either from Chile (peak season: Jan to Jun) or California (peak season: Jun to Nov). Hmmm, maybe the Chilean season ended early and the Californian red globe grapes are late…. I hope the grapes are back on the stands again soon!