red peppers

Okay, what’s the deal? Why on earth would our vegetable store be selling greenhouse red peppers (covered in those ridiculous stickers that WON’T come off) in July? Surely there are locally grown field red peppers available by now!

We left our usual store in disgust and went to the vegetable store about two blocks down to purchase good looking Ontario red peppers (stickerless) that do not appear to have been ripened in a greenhouse. We are having them with chicken salad and focaccia tonight. I’ll report on their flavour.

At the second store, there were also wonderful looking locally grown green beans, new potatoes, cauliflower and zucchini. We got a zucchini to add to tonight’s crudites and a cauliflower for tomorrow.

Speaking of buying locally grown produce, have you seen Jen’s (Life Begins at Thirty) announcement of the August Eat Local Challenge? (Shouldn’t that be “Eat Locally??)

edit 22 July, 2005 – ejm @ 10:30 EDT: The red pepper was wonderful. (So was the rest of the dinner….)