relief in sight?

The snow seems to be disappearing – at least the roads are visible now and the temperature has finally crept above the freezing mark. Last night I had some pretty dismal Chinese food out of town with colleagues. I had brought a thermos of homemade lentil soup but got sucked into stepping out. I was assured that the food was pretty good. Hmmm. Does insanely salty clumps of chicken and prefrozen vegetable chunks swimming in an overly cornstarched sauce poured over indifferent rice qualify as pretty good? Perhaps I’m being too demanding. On the bright side, the company was congenial and I got to have lovely lentil soup for lunch today….

To make up for the decided lack of flavour last night, we plan to have one of my favourites: fried chicken and biscuits and a mountain of steamed broccoli. T has planned to make an onion gravy instead of the plain one – using lots and lots of thinly sliced onion rings. Mmmmm. Is it time for dinner yet?

And is that rain I hear on the skylight? Things are definitely looking up.

3 responses to “relief in sight?

  1. Moira

    Now I’m REALLY happy that you don’t have a camera yet- if you’d posted photos of that Chinese food it would have been truly tragic! ;-) The chicken and biscuits, though- oh, mama.

    **Peer (I flatter myself) Pressure Alert**
    Are you going to do the ‘Comfort Me” giveaway contest? Huh? Please?

  2. ejm Post author

    Yes, indeed, that “Chinese” food did glisten. I should have been under major alert when I didn’t see one Asian face in sight; the restaurant was decidedly waspy. And it had a “Canadian entrees” page in the menu! WHAT was I thinking??!

    **Peer (I’m the one who is flattered!) Pressure** is felt. I saw the contest notice. I’m thinking. I’m thinking… I’ll try to enter; I really will. (deadlines!)

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