A box grater isn’t just for cheese….

Tartine Bread summary: burnt bread doesn’t have to be a fail; so you think your grater is just for cheese…; not to mention that your file and rasp aren’t just for carpentry; how to rescue bread burned on the bottom;

When we first started baking bread in our combo cooker and began to REALLY go for that dark as mahogany, “bien cuit” look, this kind of problem with a burnt bottom was happening relatively frequently. Sure, the bread looked fabulous on top.

Dflat chord

But it was black as the ace of spades on the bottom.

oh dear

Who knew a box grater would come in so handily? And a file and rasp from the tool box….

rescuing burnt bread

Of course we waited until the bread had cooled completely before beginning the labour. It wasn’t easy and both of us took turns rasping/grating away.

It turns out that the tiny box grater isn’t much help. Still, for that tiny bit of fine work on the very edge, it did the trick.

The furry black fiend sat on the stool by the telephone table and watched as we laboured away, but jumped down after the filing stopped.

rescued burnt bread

We were a little sorry that we weren’t smart enough to keep the burnt crumbs to use in gravy. I bet they would have added a lovely dark flavour. But what do you bet our garden compost next year will be better than ever?

Tartine Bread

If we hadn’t been well aware of how much time and effort we had spent removing the burnt bottom from the bread, we would never have known it was burnt. The bread was delicious!

Previous Rescues

Tartine Bread This isn’t the first time (by any means) that we have used this trick. :lalala: In fact, we grated the burnt bottom off the bread we brought for our feasting on Cousins’ Day last September.

(Shhhhhh!! Don’t tell!)


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3 responses to “A box grater isn’t just for cheese….

  1. Karen

    Brilliant. I usually move my bread to a baking sheet when I remove the lid from the combo cooker. I take the whole thing out of the oven and move the loaf to the baking sheet and put it back in the oven.

    edit: That does sound like a good idea, Karen. Even though I’m not positive that would prevent burning on the bottom. (Our oven is ancient.) We use the large part of the combo cooker as the lid. But either part of the combo-cooker is so heavy and hot that the idea of moving the bread onto a tray is too daunting. – Elizabeth

    1. Karen

      It’s super easy with oven mitts or the parchment. Just remove the bread from the oven, move it with oven mitts or, if you’ve left the parchment under the bread, use the parchment. Then place the whole thing back in the oven. I use the combo cooker the exact same way you do.

      edit: I keep thinking that the extra layer from the combo cooker between the stone and element turning on will protect the bottom. But it’s good to know that picking the bread up half-way through the baking doesn’t damage it. I thought it might want to deflate when the outer crust was still so blonde. – Elizabeth

  2. Tanna

    All our gadgets should multitask so well!

    edit: Exactly! But. The box grater works so well to remove burnt crust that we may never use it for grating cheese again. ;-) -Elizabeth


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