Rice for all

rice It cannot be repeated too often: there are many in the world who go hungry. World Food Day may be on just one day in October, but when you think about it, every day in every month, we should be thinking about those who are hungry.

There are two really easy things each day you can do to help end hunger. Both are free. The first takes virtually no time at all. The second can take as much time as you like.

  1. Go to The Hunger Site and with just one click a day, donate free food.
  2. Go to FreeRice to “Learn Free Vocabulary and Give Free Rice”. FreeRice is affiliated with Poverty.com.

While English is not necessarily the only language in the world, it is the language many of us use to communicate world wide. The goal of FreeRice is to help people become more literate so that they can be better equipped to be productive. (I must confess that the game is somewhat addictive….)

And of course, there are more things you can do. These next two might require a tiny bit more effort on your part.

  1. Learn more, become informed, and inform others about world hunger.
  2. Write letters to your political representatives to remind them of their promises about helping to end world hunger and extreme poverty.

The UN has estimated that it would cost approximately $195 billion annually to completely end hunger and extreme poverty. Several developed countries have pledged to raise this money with each country contributing 0.7% of its national income. But alas, promises made are often promises broken. There are some chilling facts about us on Poverty.com. Take a look at the 2006 Official Development Assistance stats. Shame on us!

There are sample letters on the poverty.com site that can be printed to send to our heads of state. But form letters can sometimes be ignored or swept into bags. It is probably better to use the sample for your country as a draft. Write your own letter to urge for your country’s full support of 0.7% in international aid. Remember to sign your letter, ensure your name and address is on it and ask for a reply. If you do not receive a reply within a reasonable timeframe, send another letter. Do remember to be polite!!

Canadians, begin your letter to the prime minister with one of the following:

  • Dear Prime Minister;
  • Dear Sir;
  • Dear Mr. Harper;

You can email Mr. Harper:

p m (at) p m (dot) g c (dot) c a

Or you can snailmail Mr. Harper:

The Right Honourable Stephen Harper
Prime Minister of Canada
Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington Street
K1A 0A2

You may wish to send a copy of your letter to your member of parliament as well.

empty bowl Let’s all do what we can and must to stop hunger now.

(Once again, I have turned off the comments for this post. If you have something to add or say about stopping world hunger, please post your thoughts and ideas about it on your blog. )

When enough people around the world become knowledgeable about hunger, it will no longer be tolerated.