roasted sweet potatoes (HotM #9)

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Heart of the Matter (HotM) – Eating for Life #9

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oven roasted sweet potato Yesterday, as I was wandering around through various food blogs, I came across Katie’s (Thyme for Cooking, the Blog) post about pumpkin gratin recipe. It was her entry for this month’s HotM – Eating for Life #9: Holiday Food. It looks delicious!

I’m a big fan of festive food that doesn’t make one sick. Either sick because it’s tooooo rich or sick because it’s so dull and dreary because it’s supposedly good for me. Because there is no reason that healthful food has to taste terrible!

Cubed sweet potato (yam), onion, pepper flakes and herbs drizzled with olive oil then oven roasted til tender are wonderful. The natural sugar in the onion and sweet potato caramelize to give the dish texture and extra flavour. Sometimes the caramelized parts appear to be burned. They aren’t! The darker parts are chewy and even more delicious.

Any fresh herbs work well. For this batch, I used oregano and sage from the garden. Our sage is going into dormancy in the garden and there were only a few leaves that I dared to take. There is still tons of oregano though.

This is what I did:

Oven Roasted Sweet Potato

  • sweet potato (yam)
  • onion
  • olive oil
  • fresh herbs, chopped
  • chili flakes, seasalt and pepper


  1. Wash vegetables well. There is no need to peel the sweet potato but you can if you want. (We NEVER peel sweet potatoes.) Coarsely chop the vegetables and place in a shallow baking dish.
  2. Sprinkle with herbs and drizzle with olive oil. Use your hands to coat the vegetables with olive oil. Add chile flakes, seasalt and pepper.
  3. Bake uncovered at 350F(ish) for about 40 minutes until the sweet potato is fork tender.

Serve as a side with any roasted or grilled meat. Because there are usually only two of us, I use our toaster oven to roast the vegetables.

Here are some other festive dishes that aren’t going to clog your arteries:

Yesterday’s stuffed mushrooms don’t quite qualify because of the use of cheese. But stuffed mushrooms would be delicious without cheese too! That’s the great thing about mushrooms…

Heart of the Matter (HotM) #9
Holiday Food

Heart of the Matter HotM is “for those of us seeking heart-healthy recipes and a healthy lifestyle while maintaining a focus on delicious and interesting food”. Michelle (The Accidental Scientist) is hosting the 9th installment of the HotM event geared towards eating healthily, even (and/or especially) on festive occasions. Michelle wrote the following:

With the all of the many holidays coming up in the next few months: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Boxing Day, St. Andrews Day, or whatever other holiday(s) you may celebrate in the upcoming months, we decided that it would be good to get recipes together early so that we would have heart-healthy alternatives (or additions) to our normal holiday fare. So the theme for November will be: Holiday Food.

The deadline for HotM 9 – Holiday Food entries is 18 November 2007 at midnight (Pacific Standard Time). For more details on how to participate in Heart of the Matter, please see the following:

edit 22 November 2007: Michelle has posted the round up. Take a look at all the delicious heart healthy recipes:


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5 responses to “roasted sweet potatoes (HotM #9)

  1. MrsBrown

    I adore sweet potato cooked this way. It’s also an excellent way to serve winter squash. Like you say, E, there is no reason that healthy food can’t taste excellent–oh dear, a double negative–I maintain that healthy food CAN be wonderful!

    At Christmas time, my sister, a wonderful cook, used to have Christmas pudding and hard sauce, made by our mother, another wonderful cook. The Christmas pudding is rich and heavy. A couple of years ago, our mother didn’t make the Christmas pudding so my sister decided to do something different. The only proviso was that we have hard sauce and that it could be lit on fire. She has since made a wonderful dish of apple slices baked in brandy, flamed at the table and served with hard sauce. It’s a much lighter dessert and doesn’t leave you feeling like your belly is dragging on the floor from too much rich food.

  2. ejm Post author

    We’ve started adding chili flakes to almost everything as a matter of course. (Hmm, perhaps it’s true that capsaicin is addictive!) Those little flakes add just the right kick. What I really like is that not every bite contains a chili hit. Glad you like the idea of it too, Jeanne and Katie.

    You’re right, MrsBrown, this is a good way to prepare winter squash. And it works well for any root vegetables too. …apples in brandy… mmmmm…. hard sauce is good but I bet they’d be good with fake creme fraiche too (yoghurt/sourcream/creamcheese blend with a tiny bit of sugar)

    Katie’s pumpkin gratin really does look great, doesn’t it, Jenn? I do love gratin dishes. (Thank you for adding me to the BlogRoll.)


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