I’m taking this brief window of opportunity to post that since yesterday morning, I have had no internet connection from my computer. Of course, the connection died JUST before I was going to post Part 5 of the continuing wild yeast saga. As soon as I do, I will post the oh so thrilling (or not :lalala:) finale to my first attempt at capturing wild yeast.

edit 16:06 EDT:

Please read

  • the final post about my first attempt to capture wild yeast.

I typed the following yesterday (Sunday):

Wouldn’t you know it? We have had no connection to the internet since this morning. Of course the connection broke just before I was going to post this. And our brilliant ISP tech support offices are closed on Sundays. The phone message directed us to look at the website. Snort. If we could do that, we wouldn’t be calling tech support. :stomp: Nothing like a good catch 22. In the meantime, on the lovely sunny Sunday, we went for a long bikeride, stopping for a picnic by the river. We sat under a willow tree covered in buds and dined on left over barbecued chicken, corn bread and a thermos of tea. Ha!!

Who needs the internet?!

Allow me to answer my last question: as it happens, we really would like to be connected… This morning’s phone message from the ISP? “Due to call volume, the wait time will be at least 20 minutes”. We finally got through and it turns out that it WASN’T the ISP; it was our D-link… another lengthy phonecall with tech support there and at last we are connected again we have been sent BACK to the ISP tech support to try to discover why only one computer is connected… and then BACK again to our ISP because there is apparently nothing wrong with our router… and then BACK again to D-link tech support to discover that one small but important part was left out of our router configuration. In other words, at last we are connected again!

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