Note to self: When converting sandwich bread into a two day process, leave the sandwich bread starter on the counter or in the FRIDGE overnight. Under no circumstances should it go in the oven with only the light turned on.


Here’s an idea: use half (or less) the yeast in the starter and the rest of the yeast in the actual dough.

:hohoho: :lalala: :hohoho:

Don’t even imagine for a second that there are photos! I was too busy with the spatula and rubber scraper….



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2 responses to “RRrrrrrrrr….

  1. jp

    ej — you funnee! Alas, but I can identify. I’ve become a fan of using very little yeast, say 1/4 teaspoon or under, so that I can mix most breads in the evening, and bake the following morning. Less yeast frees you from the clock. Did you ever see the Three Stooges episode, Beer Barrel Polecats? They ALL put yeast in. LOL! Best wishes, jp


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