Say cheese!!

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3 cheeses
On Sunday, I was given a care package that included five kinds of cheese and a box of hazelnut and dried cranberry crackers. Two of the cheeses are hard cheeses and the three in the photo, as you can see, are soft. We decided we HAD to eat them ASAP because they looked to be at their optimum. crackers

So on Monday, T made a simple bean soup and we went to town with Sunday’s left over barbecue bread and, of course, the crackers. (As well as good Sicilian red wine supplied by the same source)


  • L’edel de Cleron (cow’s milk aged in spruce bark): wonderful and creamy without even a hint of vegetal taste
  • Langres (cow’s milk triple creme): on the stinky side to the nose but fabulous taste. It was equally good with bread as with the crackers
  • Val deon (Spanish cow and goat’s milk): killer blue – strong, heady, creamy but not too strong and heady. It was my favourite – although extremely difficult to choose a favourite because they were all three stellar. The blue was especially good with the crackers.

Many thanks to my sister and brother-in-law for the wonderful tasting.

Now I can’t wait to try the hard cheeses! A report will come soon.