Score! 20 Us – 0 Them

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stuffed turkey
Today is Yesterday was my lucky day!

(It was also my unlucky day because just after I composed this post, my webhost went offline because one of their drives was damaged. So just pretend, as you read the rest of this, that it is yesterday….)

We just went to our local Hardware Store, which has just finished a major renovation. Our mission? To get a new washer for one of the faucets. (Mission accomplished)

While there, I decided to see if by a miracle there were any Saran quick-covers™ on their shelves. I could hardly believe my eyes! After going to so many stores in our neighbourhood and out of our neighbourhood, here they were at last!! Yes! It’s true!

I grabbed their last 2 containers of “large” quick-covers. That’s 20 quick-covers. A veritable lifetime supply.

Charlie Turkey* is no longer forlornly empty. In fact, Charlie Turkey isn’t even large enough for my sudden wealth of quick-covers.

* About Charlie Turkey: A couple of years ago, we were Christmas shopping in an antiques store in the Beaches. I immediately fell in love with this wonderful cookie jar but decided it was too frivolous to purchase it. The next day, T secretly phoned the store and asked how much they wanted for the turkey cookie jar. “Charlie Turkey? You want to buy Charlie Turkey? How about $6.00?” T immediately agreed and arranged a time with the proprieter. He rode across town on his bike to fetch the turkey. And the proprieter wasn’t there and had left word that she wouldn’t be in for another hour. And the assistant couldn’t find the turkey. T wandered around the Beaches (it was a cold November day…) and returned an hour later. No proprieter. No turkey. T was devastated. The assistant called the proprieter to ask where she and the turkey were. The proprieter had decided to stay home. The turkey was hidden away carefully in the back. But because T had been inconvenienced, she instructed the assistant to give Charlie Turkey to him for nothing. YES!! Charlie Turkey was free!! Free at last!! Free at last!!! To hold a place of honour on our cookbook shelf. We love Charlie Turkey….


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4 responses to “Score! 20 Us – 0 Them

  1. ejm Post author

    Double hurrah about the pink hats, although the colour of them really is a shame – they don’t go at all with our kitchen decor. WHAT were they thinking when they chose that colour!? I wonder if that’s the real reason that they have stopped production. There was probably a wildcat strike at the factory with the demand that the pink had to go because it was aesthetically displeasing.

    And what about the brownies? I went to start making them and a tragedy has occurred: there are no eggs in the house!

  2. CAM

    I don’t see the problem with the pink covers if Charlie is hiding them or they are discreetly stored in the fridge. Of course if they are out in the kitchen the pink would be horrid.

    Since the covers are no longer available, perhaps you could find a supply of the little shower hats they supply in hotels. These are usually not pink.

  3. ejm Post author

    I reckon that I have a lifetime supply of the plastic hats now. But if I did not: apparently, hotel shower hats are not made of food grade plastic. I don’t know if this really matters, as the hats rarely touch food but sometimes the bread dough DOES get out of control and I find it jammed up against the cover, pushing to escape further.

    Also, I’m not sure that hotel shower hats are large enough. The pink ones that I favour are large enough to cover an 13×9 inch casserole dish.

    Even though they are hidden from general view, just knowing it’s there in the kitchen, I still find the pink to be quite displeasing. It looks so… well… pink.


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