Burnt Whisker Forge lame wp-image-2193 summary: scoring with a Burnt Whisker Forge lame; improved lame scoring; well balanced handle; the magic of summer; (click on image(s) to see larger views and more photos)

It’s close and muggy right now but there’s a hint of a cool breeze and thunderheads building, giving the promise of a break in the heat. And is it my imagination, or am I hearing thunder in the distance?

chicken dinner wp-image-2189 Still, I continue to be determined not to complain about the heat. Gardens are flourishing and the sounds of children’s happy shrieks and laughter as they play in backyard wading pools gives more incentive to silence any of my complaints before they can even start.

A few magical evenings ago, as I mentioned on Thursday, as we dined (remind me to rave about that dinner!) in the garden , T gave me the most wonderful present! It’s a beautiful lame handle – that’s “lame” to rhyme with “lamb” – for slashing bread! Wow!

Burnt Whisker Forge lame wp-image-2192

Of course, I still love the look of our homemade lame. But I suspect we will be just for looks now.

Made by Lance Ziegler of Burnt Whisker Forge (, the weight and length of the new handle is perfect, encouraging a more correct angle when scoring.

scoring wp-image-2190

I love using a lame with a really well balanced handle that fits perfectly into the hand!

Pizza Stone We found a perfect place on the kitchen wall – beside the pizza peel – to hang the new lame handle. The only thing that we need now is an attractive housing to protect us from the double edged razor that is attached. (We don’t want to have to attach and detach the blade every time. Double sharpness is just too scary!)

Right now, we’re using a little change purse. Well, actually, it’s not so little. We really have to find something that is as well balanced to look at as the handle is to use.

I cannot stop using malted grains, ever since the BBBabes made real brown bread). This bread, a slight revision of Ken Forkish’s White Bread with Poolish – made with unbleached all-purpose flour, some 100% whole wheat flour, as well as some crushed malted wheat berries – turned out even more beautifully than we anticipated.

Ken Forkish Bread wp-image-2191

Yes indeed, we were as thrilled with my first scoring attempt as we were with the new handle. Thank you again, T!!


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