a security fix has been made

Last weekend, my webhost was attacked (as one of my online friends said in her blog)

with a phishing routine that takes advantage of autoglobals being on in PHP.

They have now made the necessary security fix by turning autoglobals off. But it means that some older PHP coding just won’t work now. This shouldn’t create any problems for this blog (I just upgraded to the latest version), but I’ve had to check all the coding on the rest of my site to ensure that things are working correctly.

If you do notice anything amiss or see unexpected error messages here on this blog, please do let me know. But if it all looks fine, well… silence is golden….

And what about sustenance?? Don’t worry; we’re not letting this stop us from eating! Yesterday, T made the most wonderful soup. He put some left-over pintobean chili con carne into chicken stock (that had been made from a recently roasted chicken). Then he heated up some left-over rice along with a tiny bit of left-over aloo methi in bowls (read more about aloo methi) and poured the soup over top. It was fabulous!!