Sigh… the white screen of death…

19 May 2015: I’ve been meaning to do some sprucing up here for a while but just didn’t feel like actually doing the work. But this morning, just as I was thinking about posting about grilled chicken wings (great chicken wings too…), I suddenly encountered the white screen of death. That wouldn’t go away.

WP twenty fifteen theme screenshot It’s clearly a problem with my poorly coded theme. So, for who knows how long, a generic WP theme will have to do.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll grow to like it and never change back. :lalala:

edit 20 May 2015: Even though so many pages here aren’t exactly functional, I went ahead and posted about Beijing Chicken wings anyway.

edit 22 May 2015: It’s going to take a while to get the links to various pages to work correctly. ( :stomp: I hate change…. :lalala: :stomp: )

edit 23 May 2015: Sigh. I thought I was getting somewhere with making a Child of WP’s Twenty Fifteen. But because it’s primarily designed for people using mobile devices (as if anyone I know is using a mobile device to access this page), I just kept running into major problems.

WP twenty twelve theme screenshot So. Back to the drawing board I go. This time with WP’s Twenty Twelve as a template.

:-( :stomp: :stomp: :-(

edit 27 May 2015: WHAT a nightmare this is turning into! I am still struggling to understand how to use functions.php as well as get pages that used to be showing up just fine to show more than a title.

Fits. I’m having fits.

What a shame that the WordPress codex is written for people who actually know how to code….

edit June 2015:

ejm classic theme screenshotejm 2015 theme screenshot
Before … After