So THAT’S what it is!

summary: mystery object revealed; useless kitchen gadget; the internet is amazing; vegetable candleholder??

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mystery object

Eons ago, we asked here if anyone knew what this implement is. I came across it again the other day when I was rummaging through the wooden spoon/biscuit cutter/spatula/ladle drawer. We tried to identify it with Google Lens with no luck. Then, today, T asked on Reddit | Identify Unknown Objects and got a reply about half an hour later! FINALLY we know what it is!

It’s a Twisty Twirl tool! Or, rather, half a Twisty Twirl tool.

This fun tool is great for making fun corkscrew french fries, candy cane striped vegetable garnishes and edible vegetable candles. If works well with root vegetables like potatoes, turnips, jicama, fat carrots, beets, sweet potatoes, yams and daikon.
– Nita, How to Carve Like a Pro | Twisty Twirl Tool

Now that we finally know what this implement is for, I thought I’d try it out with a zucchini. (There’s no way the implement would easily cut through a carrot or beet!) We don’t have both parts of the gizmo (or at least, neither of us remember seeing anything like it), so I had to improvise. (I tried first with pliers and then switched to using a can opener.)

Look, how lovely!! {cough} And delicious too…. :whee: :whee:

Please sir, may I have some more vegetables?

Twisty Tool and Zucchini
Nita claims that the spiral can be used as a vegetable candle holder!
A carrot candle would be fun to top a carrot cake to celebrate a birthday.” – Nita

Here is how it is supposed to be used if we had the real handle.

You know that you too want a Twisty Tool! If you’re lucky, this site might have some in stock:

  • Twisty Twirl (The linked page contains a video showing how to make fabulous {cough} vegetable candle holders)

edit 19 July 2020: Last night, just before dinner, (without the camera anywhere close by) I julienned the “candle holder” to serve with dinner. Inside, I found the other half of the spiral!
It looked just as ridiculous as ever. Knowing we’re unlikely to use the Twisty Twirl tool again, we put it back into the drawer. We just couldn’t bring ourselves to throw it away…. :-) :-) (What if we find the handle??)

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