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summary: bloggers working to raise funds for Haiti; tips for donating; links to relief agencies working in Haiti; information about Blog Away Hunger;

It has been just over a week since the disastrous earthquake in Haiti. And if you’ve watched even 3 minutes of news since then, you know that massive amounts are needed to help the relief workers there.

Last Thursday, several bloggers made remarkable offers in their efforts to raise funds for Haiti. Here is Michele’s:

Tonight, rather than spend my money on crab claws or lobster tails or vanilla beans or porterhouse steaks, I’ll be donating the average amount of a Smackdown to Haitian earthquake relief.
-Michele, Thursday Night Smackdown, Thursday Night Giveback

And Pam’s:

I’m not a world famous blogger nor do I have any sponsor to call to to match donation. I’m just a humble and simple stay-at home mom with some personal savings and together with Pierre, we are willing to part it for a very good cause. Pierre & I will match 0.10 € for every comment left on my blog (one per person, up to a 1000 comments) until 24 January 2010 included. The final amount will be donated to Doctors Without Borders for Haiti.
-Pam, The Cooking Ninja, Haiti Relief Support – Comment to help raise funds

and Crystal’s:

There are so many different ways you can give and no matter your financial situation, there is something you do. Even if it seems like it’s a drop in the bucket, remember that a bucket of water is made up of that – drops!
-Crystal Paine, Money Saving Mom, Help for Haiti: Everyone Can Do Something – Comment or Link-Up and We’ll Donate!

And those three are just drops in the bucket of similar posts!

No doubt, like me, you have already made your personal monetary donation(s) to go towards the disaster relief operations in Haiti. But you’d like to give more. Well, you can.

Quick. Open a new tab and go to Kay at the Keyboard’s post Help for Haiti to leave comment telling her about your donation!

After you’ve done that, if you haven’t already, go to Saffron and Blueberry and make several comments on several posts.

For every comment that is left on my blog between now and January 31st [2010], $10 will be donated to the purchase of essential supplies such as blankets, food, water, medical supplies etc… I am fortunate that as the donating party is a government mission, they can organize the prompt purchase and, more importantly, the actual dispatch and arrival of these goods to Haiti.
-Hilda, Saffron & Blueberry, Haitian Relief Effort – Comment to Raise Funds

To steal a phrase from Michele, “You can give more than you think”.

Canadians, please bear in mind that the government of Canada will match personal monetary donations for relief efforts in Haiti. Your $50 donation will turn into a $100 contribution.

And finally, spread the word!

more information on how YOU can help

Apparently, sending money to a reputable relief agency is the best way that most of us can help. Here are some helpful tips to remember when you make your donation(s):

Do look for organizations with prior experience and expertise […] There is a steep learning curve when agencies move out of their normal work, this may lead to mistakes and wasted money. Make sure the organization has prior experience in their proposed projects.
Don’t earmark funds The organization is on the ground and has a far better idea of what is needed the most. Earmarking funds may force the organization to spend money where it’s not needed and keep it from spending money where it’s need the most. […]
Don’t take up a collection of goods to send over […] Ports can only hold and process so many goods and often the port authorities have difficulty sorting through everything arriving to get it processed and out the doors. Please do not take up collections of medicine, clothing, baby formula, or food for shipment, or show up on your own to hand out money or goods. Although well intentioned, this can actually make the situation worse

-Haiti Quake Updates – Updates from aid workers and journalists in Haiti: The DOs and DON’Ts of Disaster Donations | Information in Context

Relief Organizations already in place in Haiti:

Bloggers Against Hunger Bloggers Against Hunger
Working together with the World Food Programme to fight hunger.


(If you have something to add or say about donations for disaster relief, I strongly encourage you to post your thoughts and ideas about it on your blog, on facebook, at work, etc. etc. rather than leave a comment here.)

edit 25 January 2010: Do you have ads on your blog? I don’t have any ads, otherwise, I’d definitely join in this terrific idea put together by Marc (Blog Away Hunger):

Blog Away Hunger

The WFP has people in Haiti delivering aid right now, and has launched a 6-month emergency operation to help feed the 3 million people displaced by this tragedy. If you want to make a direct contribution, donate here.

[A] group of bloggers have come together and will be donating their January ad revenue [to the WFP] to aid the Haiti relief efforts. Since ads are paid by the number of pages viewed, you can help by going back through their old posts to increase the amount of ad money donated.

For more information and a list of bloggers who are donating their ad revenues, please see

  • blog away hunger: Help Haiti (

Or, you can go to the WFP and make a donation directly:

WFP: Help Haiti Now

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