some things are meant to be broken

A couple of weeks ago, I sent the following in an email to the various members of my family:

Let’s play the glad game: I’m GLAD it’s cold outside so that the green section by the backdoor is really chilly.

Why was I glad? We had just done a major cleanout of one shelf of our fridge. Well, it was one way to do it… I don’t recommend it though.

We were just pulling a piece of cheese out for that night’s dinner when the whole second shelf suddenly and inexplicably (at first) collapsed, sending jars and bowls and containers crashing to the floor.

Oh oh oh!! What was that in the heap of shattered glass and rice and vegetables?

  • My starter!!! (relief. not broken.)
  • Harissa!! smashed.
  • Half a butternut squash mashed and ready to be put into lasagne!! smashed
  • Puli Inji!! smashed.
  • Large custard bowl of stovetop dressing!! smashed.
  • Large jar of G’s marmalade (relief. not broken)
  • etc. etc.

WHAT a nightmare.

And the cause? The little tab that the shelf rests on broke. I would have been furious if we had to replace our fridge because of that!

We managed to balance the shelf on top of the vegetable drawer and place the items that really had to be refrigerated on it. The other things went onto a tray by the backdoor where they sat at around 6C for a day or so.

T was brilliant and managed to fix the tab – using automotive glue:!: to keep it in place. Our kitchen and backdoor area has returned to normal. (And I’m SO glad we didn’t have to replace the fridge!)

(click on image for larger view)

cracked jar But alas, I spoke a little too soon about one thing. When I was washing out this jar while feeding the starter, I noticed an ominous looking crack. Luckily, the really nasty centre smash didn’t go all the way through and there was no sign of any shards on the inside of the glass.

At first I was quite disappointed. I really like the shape of the jar I was using. But it had bothered me to use the crummy old lid that was starting to wear on the threads. I don’t know that I had to do it, but I was lining the lid with a piece of parchment paper.

new jar Initially, I went in search of a jar just like it. I was sure I had seen roasted red peppers in such a jar at our favourite butchershop. Alas, no. They were in a jar sort of like it but the jar is much larger. And I came to my senses. Why pay $5.00 or so for a jar of roasted peppers that would have the same kind of inferior lid when I could buy an empty jar with a snap down lid for $0.50 at the discount store next door?

Let’s play the glad game: I’m GLAD I had to replace the glass jar with a crummy screwtop lid so that I could get a jar with a proper lid.

I have started following Bill’s (The Fresh Loaf Forum) recommendations for starter feeding and am now using

  • 1 tsp starter
  • 3 Tbsp unbleached all-purpose flour
  • 2 Tbsp water

every two days. I still store it in the fridge. There is marked improvement. The starter is no longer splitting and smells faintly of yoghurt instead of like library paste. Yay.

And because there is SO much extra to be discarded, I can’t bear to throw it out. So whenever I feed the starter, I am simply adding the extra to muffins, biscuits, pita bread…. Remind me to brag about the cheese pinwheel baking powder biscuits I made the other day.

some things are meant to be broken II

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1 response to “some things are meant to be broken

  1. Mats Flemstrom

    Speaking of GLAD, they make a great line of containers that are really inexpensive, don’t break and don’t leak.

    Those look pretty interesting, Mats. If I hadn’t found exactly what I was looking for, I might have considered the reusable plastic containers.
    The thing I like about the new bowl I got is that is IS a bowl. So it’s really easy to empty, clean, add new contents, stir, etc., etc. -ejm


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