strawberries and cream variation

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recipe: Creamy cream cheese topping made with demerara sugar

At last there are good local strawberries available to us! I do love strawberries…. Unbelievably, the California strawberries are still on the stands and while they look fabulous and smell pretty good, they have virtually no flavour. And they are still cheaper than the local strawberries (!) But even though it seems wrong that strawberries that have been shipped only a short distance cost twice the amount, we are worth it and will pay more for the better taste.

With the most recent basket of strawberries, we simply washed them and served them whole with a dollop (or three) of creamy sweetened cream cheese and the last dregs of the previous basket of strawberries that had been cut and left in the fridge covered with balsamic vinegar and cracked black pepper.

Creamy cream cheese topping

  • cream cheese
  • 10% cream to loosen the cream cheese
  • demerrara sugar to taste

Mash the cream cheese to soften. Add some cream and demerrara (or regular brown) sugar. Mix well til smooth. Serve over fresh strawberries.

Wonderful!!! It is like the best strawberry cheesecake!!

3 responses to “strawberries and cream variation

  1. CAM

    I had never tried strawberries drizzled with a tiny amount of balsamic vinegar with a grinding of black pepper on top. But one day we were desperate for a dessert idea, so we tried it. It was wonderful! I was surprised that there was really no balsamic vinegar or pepper flavour. Instead these flavours heightened the flavour of the strawberries. I was serving things with a vaguely Mediterranean theme, so I served the strawberries with a cheese tray with some goat cheese, some crackers, and a few pitted medjool dates that I had stuffed with creamy goat cheese mixed with a little cointreau and refrigerated for a couple hours. All those assembled professed to like this combination of things.

  2. ejm Post author

    The first time I had strawberries with black pepper was quite some time ago. There was a big bowl of fresh whole unhulled strawberries (washed, of course). We each had three small dishes. One small dish was filled with finely powdered sugar, another with freshly squeezed lemon juice and the other with freshly cracked black pepper. I too was a little hesitant about the pepper but was amazed to find that the strawberries simply became more intensely strawberry flavoured with the addition of the black pepper.

    Those stuffed dates sound fantastic, CAM!

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