The Miracle Cake – addendum

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chocolate cake

I just thought I’d add a few points about the miracle cake that T neglected to mention.

On the day of the famous cake, T’s happy humming and clattering in the kitchen stopped and he called up to me from the bottom of the stairs. Here is how the conversation went:

T: We don’t have any 8 or 9 inch pans…

me: What??!?? We only have 8 and 9 inch cake pans. They’re in the drawer with the mixing bowls.

T: Those ones are 8½ and 10. I measured.

At this point, very confused, I came downstairs to continue the conversation so that the whole neighbourhood wouldn’t hear it.

me: As far as I know, we only have 8 and 9 inch pans.

T: At first I decided to use the 8½ inch pans and poured the batter in but they were too full. So I had to butter and flour the 10 inch pans and pour the batter from the smaller pans into them. Do you think that’s going to be okay?

me: What??!?? I’m sure those are the 9 inch cake pans that you used. Where’s the measuring tape? [measures pans] Yup. That’s 9 inches. Yup, and the smaller ones are 8 inches.

T: [laughing] Oh!!! I didn’t know you were supposed to measure the base of the pan! I measured from rim to rim.

me: [laughing]

chocolate cake I still can’t believe how fabulously the cake turned out. It just proves that cakes aren’t as tricky and delicate as some people like to make out. And so much for exact measurements too… As we were exclaiming about how good the cake was and wasn’t it amazing that it had turned out so well, suddenly T said,

Oh yah. I think I added 3 cups of flour instead of 2.

chocolate cake It really was the most spectacular cake. T decided to make the icing with a little less chocolate than usual. It had a lovely almost mocha flavour to it. And the hint of orange marmelade that was spread liberally on the top of the bottom layer added just the right touch.

WHAT a shame that there is none of that cake left!

Why has T not made another cake? He is distracted by ice cream. My sister and brother-in-law foolishly lent us their high-tech ice cream maker*. OH my!! Wait til you hear about the absolutely fantastic ice cream that T made with it!

* Oh happy day! Possession is nine-tenths of the law. :whee:

(click on images to see larger views and more photos)

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1 response to “The Miracle Cake – addendum

  1. David

    My wife is a total gadget-woman so I’ve had many opportunities to play with a fancy ice cream maker. (It’s almost impossible to make bad ice cream). One variation I discovered is beer sorbet. Use a dark beer and plenty of sugar if you try it.

    Beer icecream!! Sounds good, David… alas, we had to give the ice cream maker back before we could try making it. We still haven’t purchased our own but will have to keep that in mind! -ejm


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