Things Started So Well – Then the Sky Fell!!

summary: 1 January 2022 harvest from the garden to make Eggs Fauxrentine (Hard boiled eggs with ham, Swiss Chard and Hollandaise on toasted sesame rings, garnished with thyme also from the garden; Swiss Chard very small so bolstered by store-bought rapini; 3 January 2022: the garden party is over; snow; semi-lockdown again – staying at home once again; comfort food;

I believe it’s a cook’s moral obligation to add more butter given the chance.
– Michael Ruhlman

For a late and decadent breakfast on New Year’s Day, T pulled out the stops to make Hollandaise sauce for Eggs Benedict.

Eggs Fauxrentine for New Year's Day

The day before, when shaping our Tartine bread, I stole a little bit of the dough to make two sesame rings to use in place of English muffins for our extravagant breakfast.

New Year’s Day was beautiful and sunny. I stepped out into the garden to see if there might be some Swiss chard to turn my eggs into Eggs Fauxrentine.

There was!! The leaves were beautifully robust. There was also some lovely thyme just begging to come indoors.

Swiss chard and thyme from the garden!!

Okay, it’s true, there was not very much chard at all, and the leaves were really really really small. Happily, we had some rapini in the fridge to augment the chard.

What a wonderful beginning to 2022!

An emulsified butter sauce should be thick and luxurious, deeply flavored with aromatics from shallot to fresh herbs, and distinctly acidic with lemon juice and vinegar. It should be bright and vibrant in color and should feel light on the palate. […] I believe it’s a cook’s moral obligation to add more butter given the chance.
– Michael Ruhlman, ‘Hollandaise’, Ratio: The Simple Codes Behind the Craft of Everyday Cooking

And then. Sometime in the middle of the night between the 1st and the 2nd, the sky fell.

2 January 2022 snow
2 January 2022

I have to admit that it’s pretty. But. Alas, no more garden produce for us now. It is all covered in white. To add insult to injury, thanks to the Omicron variant, we’re back into semi-lock down.

It’s tempting to just go and hide under the covers and hibernate. But one has to eat….

Grocery Store Masks Today, we had to mask up and WALK {eeeeeek} through the snow to the deli and vegetable store to get provisions – only one of us going into the stores because of the latest restrictions. At least the stores still HAVE provisions!

Eat your hearts out; T is in the kitchen now, baking ham and making scalloped potatoes to go with too many steamed green beans for tonight’s extravaganza.

Here’s hoping that the whole world will soon be vaccinated and we can get back to normal!


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